Ravenmount 2.0

August 14, 2014

It has taken a few months for me to get to a point where I can see what direction I want to take Ravenmount, months during which I opted to not post much, rather than foist pure crap at my dear followers.It may have seemed like I retreated from the world to hide under a rock and wallow in my depression, and I indeed did quite a bit of that. But, I suppose in part Robin Williams’ suicide was a bit of a wake-up call that it’s time to get back in gear, even if it isn’t in the same direction I was headed a year ago.

Pueblo is a much less developed entertainment scene, except within the hip-hop genre (within which the rest of the state ought to pay closer attention to the work coming out of this city). And, Pueblo is decidedly unsafe for lone female music bloggers, such that I do not feel safe here doing the live-music blogging I did in Fort Collins. I love music and local music in particular, and I took some risks in Fort Collins to follow and document the scene there, but they were calculated risks and I never really felt unsafe, even at 3am leaving the various bar venues to walk myself home alone. I am still gradually working out ways to cover local music in the Pueblo area, but it will probably not be on foot, at the venues, at least for a while.

Ravenmount started out as a book blog, long before I took my first concert photos (at a Lagoon Summer Concert Series show, 2012). I posted my first concert review with my photos onto my existing Ravenmount blog, not expecting that anyone would see my review, let alone read it. At that time Ravenmount was where I occasionally wrote about the books I was reading, so now that I am not doing live-music blogging for a while, I’ve been adding more book-blogging into my routines again.

Recently I figured out at least one source for free copies of books that include titles that really belong on a music blog, so I will most definitely be reading and writing about books that relate to the music and entertainment world. I’ll be seeking out biographies, histories, memoirs, and fiction that address the music world in some way, and posting book reviews on this blog for them. And, since I know that musicians, music lovers and music professionals read a lot more than just music-related books, I’ll be incorporating my other book reviews and book blogging into the general Ravenmount umbrella too. I’ve revived my tumblr blog as a book blog this summer, and have been working out how I want to approach book-blogging this time, so if you are on tumblr you can follow my book-blog tumblr Ravenmount Books while ravenmount.com is still slowly coming back from hibernation. I will also still be reviewing music, and I’m starting up my weekly spotify playlists and other weekly music posts this month. Music friends- If you sent me music and I haven’t reviewed your album yet, I will almost certainly be talking about your album soon.

I have also created pinterest account and twitter account for Ravenmount Books, so if a Ravenmount book blog sounds interesting to you, you may like to follow me on pinterest and twitter too. And, if you need to contact me for anything connected with Ravenmount, you may now email me at Jamie@Ravenmount.com .

I always love free stuff, so if you have a book or an album you want to send me, please email me. In general I will not publish a bad review, though there are exceptions, but I also will not publish a dishonest review. So, I can promise I won’t write a long terrible review all about how horrible your book or music is, but I cannot promise a review, and whatever I do publish will be fair and honest. As much as I would love to make rent-money saying amazing things about books and music, that is the job for a marketer, not a reviewer/blogger like me. (I suppose if you really want to hire me to market your book(s)/music, email me and we’ll talk, but that’s a lot different from just sending me a free book or album.)

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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