Bookish Questions – Challenge

I’ve come across this one twice now, and it looks fun- a bunch of questions social media folks have been answering lately. So here’s my answers.

Question: Favourite genre? Answer: Books about the music scene and musicians, fiction and non-fiction. After that, probably sci-fi or high fantasy.

Q: Do you read the classics (the ‘great authors’ of the 18th and 19th century)? A: Yes. I write reviews on them, too, often harsh and unforgiving reviews that highlight the pretentiousness, sexism, racism, etc. in these books, written mostly by white men. Some of them are good.

Q: Do you read thrillers? A: Yep. The best ones have plot AND good characters, and maybe even some point to them besides just page-turning action.

Q: Horror stories? A: If Stephen King counts. The more I read of his books, though, the less easy he is to lump into the horror genre.

Q: Do you read ScFi? A: I love scifi. This is the genre where writers and readers imagine the future, and it is from what we can imagine that we shape what our future looks like in reality. SciFi is like applied political theory, modelling what different social and political systems could look like.

Q: How many Harry Potter books have you read? A: All of them.

Q: Have you ever read and enjoyed biographies or autobiographies? A: I love reading good ones. And, short of keeping artists, authors, musicians and arts industry professionals in my closet for easy reference, their biographies provide the best education for folks interested in the business end of arts & entertainment.

Q: Do you remember any of the books you read and loved as a child? A: I remember almost all of them. I have Asperger’s, and one thing my mind retains easily is memories of books, because I’ve always loved books.

Q: Have you re-read these books as a grown-up? A: I’ve reread a lot of them. Andrew Lange’s fairy books are still amazing. C.S. Lewis and JRR Tolkein get reread often, and Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising books. I wish I had copies of the Raggedy Ann & Andy books and Diana Wynne Jones’ The Power of Three- they were favorite library books that I checked out a lot as a kid.

Q: Is there a book of which you can say has influenced you most? A: Atlas Shrugged.

Q: Which are your favourite authors? A: Hermann Hesse, Ray Bradbury, John Steinbeck, Robert Jordan, Neal Stephenson, and LOTS more.

Q: Which book would you take with you on a desert island? A: The Norton Anthology with the most stuff in it, so probably their fattest short story anthology.

Q: What is your attitude towards translations? A: What is the problem people have with them? There are hundreds of languages people write books with, and I have 1 lifetime. Either I read translations, or I skip all literature not originally written in one of the languages I have had time to develop fluency in. I’d miss too much if I turned my nose up at translations.

Q: Do you buy your books/get them from the library/borrow them from friends/steal them? A: YES. (Though I only steal books from my Mom, and she gets them back once I’ve read them.)

Q: When you buy books, do you prefer hardcover editions or paperbacks? A: Both. I like pretty books I can afford, and most of my books I buy used.

Q: Have you ever tried Audio Books? A: They are great for long car trips. The Mrs. Pollifax books are usually excellent, and David Tennant has done at least 1 I’ve enjoyed.

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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