July Reading Wrap-Up

July has come to its close for 2014, and I did manage to finish 15 books this month, though only 14 since joining that Trees of Reverie readathon I mentioned. I need to read a lot more to catch up, if I plan to meet my year reading goal of 200 books, but since I read all this month’s books within about 20 days, I might be able to manage 25 per month through December. I read a total of 4557 pages, with just one book carried over as incomplete, The Short Reign of Pippin IV, by John Steinbeck. I do like not having lots of half-finished books on my spreadsheet or stacked up around the apartment, so the fact that the book I am currently reading is the ONLY book I am working on (besides review site books) is a good thing. I am also reading a long obnoxious book to review, and I have another review book I need to start tomorrow, but by then I’ll have finished this Steinbeck book.

Books I finished in July:

Water, by Steven Solomon (Interesting history/non-fiction book on water, not very well focused, but lots of information)

Midnight Oil, by V.S. Pritchett (Very good memoir by an author with an interesting life)

An Eden of Sorts, by John Hanson Mitchell (gardening memoir)

The Poetic Edda, edited by Wolf Wickham(New translation of a classic suite of epic poems)

Suicide in Tiny Increments, by Riya Anne Polcastro (Pretty decent debut novel with a fun twist)

Inherited Magic, by Andrew Gordinier (Urban fantasy, pretty decent)

Children of Dune, by Frank Herbert (Nowhere near as good as book #1)

Careless in Red, by Elizabeth George (Great murder mystery series set in Britain)

All on the Irish Shore, by E.OE. Somerville and Martin Ross (an 111 year old copy, always fun)

Till We Have Faces, by C.S. Lewis Thunder (YA fantasy, very good, set in Ancient Egypt)

The Shadows are Stirring, by Hannah Sullivan (YA fantasy, not very good, but OK)

The Wrecker, by Clive Cussler (Saboteur trying to stop the development of a railroad)

Casting Off, by Nicole R. Dickson (Aran knitting on the Aran Isles)

The Cellist of Sarajevo, by Steven Galloway (Short book, based on true stories)

Dawn, by Elie Wiesel

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