1676 Great Spotify Tunes (23)

I’m back with another 15 songs in my grand playlist series. I posted the 21st set on bubblews, since posts here seem to be getting fewer views than ever this week, but since there are over 1300 songs left to list, I figure I may as well post a few of these here as well, even if only 5-6 people ever bother to read them. After all, if this site survives, it will have more traffic eventually, and maybe then people will discover these songlists and enjoy them.

346. Philip Quast – “Stars”

347. Poe – “Lemon Meringue”

348. Poe – “Angry Johnny”

349. Poe – “Another World”

350. The Police – “Roxanne”

351. R.E.M. – “Stand”

352. Queen – “The Night Comes Down”

353. Rascal Flatts – “To Make Her Love Me”

354. Real Tuesday Weld – “(still) Terminally ambivalent over you”

555. Regina Spektor – “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)”

356. Rhydian, Idina Menzel – “What If”

357. Rhydian – “Yma O Hyd”

358. Robert Plant, Alison Krauss – “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us”

359. Rosie Thomas – “Say Hello”

360. Ross Crean – “Fear An Bhata”

Of these, my favorites tonight are the Regina Spektor song and Poe’s “Lemon Meringue”. How about you? Are any of these in your favorites?

As always, you can see the whole list on spotify at – open.spotify.com/user/128264634/starred

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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