1676 Great Spotify Tunes (22)

Now that I’ve passed the Keith Harkin clump in the 300’s of my massive Starred playlist, there may be a few more recognizable names here, or at least more diversity. As I explained in previous list posts, this section of my Starred list is alphabetical because I didn’t start out putting all my weekly playlist songs on my Starred playlist, so when I had time later on I added all the songs into my Starred list from all the past weekly playlists that had predated my Starred list. So, they all were added at once and are listed alphabetically when you sort my Starred list by date-added. A few posts from now I’ll be back to a more randomized assortment of songs again.

Today’s post covers songs 316-330, starting with a maybe slightly less familiar song from Kelly Clarkson, a fun 50’s style sing-along, a fantastic Led Zeppelin cover, a familiar country radio favorite, and a song very few folks on here will have heard of.

316. Kelly Clarkson – “Judas”

317. Kim & Reggie Harris, Magpie – “Old Devil Time”

318. Kristin Hersh – “When the Levee Breaks”

319. Lady Antebellum – “American Honey”

320. Lau – “A Madman’s Dream”

Then, we get a mix of genres that covers several familiar artists.

321. Ladysmith Black Mombaso – “Zintombi”

322. Leftover Salmon – “On the Other Side”

323. Linkin Park – “Burning in the Skies”

324. Lionel Richie – “Long Long Way to Go”

325. Lita Ford, Ozzy Osborne – “If I Close my Eyes Forever”

But, too many well-known artists and songs makes me a little bored. What is the point of making playlists if there is no music discovery ? Little Big Town is familiar enough to modern country fans, but the rest of these are more interesting. Mahsa Vahdat is a great contemporary Persian singer, Mama Lenny & the Remedy is one of my favorite soul/funk/bluesy pop band out of Colorado, and Marina and the Diamonds are a popular band in various places around the planet, but hardly anyone in Pueblo has ever heard of them.

326. Little Big Town – “Bring It On Home”

327. Mahsa Vahdat, Mighty Sam McClean – “A Deeper Tone of Longing”

328. Mahsa Vahdat, Sarah Jane Morris – “Sad Sol – You My Destiny”

329. Mama Lenny and the Remedy – “Anybody Else”

330. Marina and the Diamonds – “Valley of the Dolls”

And, as always, you can hear all 1676 songs on my Starred playlist here- Ravenmount Starred Playlist

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