Ravenblog: Daily Self-education and Antistagnation

If you follow me on twitter (@ravenmount1) you’ve seen the sorts of news items I retweet, including current events around the world and news about science and technology. Many people probably are a bit confused at first, because I focus a lot on music. Why post news that isn’t music related?

It’s all about anti-stagnation, taking charge of your own mind and its education and proactively discovering more about the world we live in. Most people on Earth are content to stagnate. They get through the required years of school, get their diploma or certificate, and settle into a life of work, housework and sleep. Most adults who are asked to vote on important issues know so little about the background to those issues that they cannot form an educated opinion of their own, because they have let their minds stagnate and lose contact with the events and knowledge that is available. Once people cannot form EDUCATED opinions of their own, they tend to make up opinions based on rumors or false information, blindly accept the opinions of other people with no way of evaluating those borrowed opinions, or they shut down and let other people make all the decisions for them. This is how monopolistic big businesses and political dictators gain and keep power, and how terrible things are allowed to happen while people look the other way, while good things are ignored or hindered because too few people know about them and support them.

I think it is very important that we all strive every day to learn something new, so if you read an article about Ghana and you recognize you know very little about Ghana, perhaps today is a great day to google “Ghana” and read a few websites about that country. Then, if it seems interesting enough to you, find a book or two and read more. If you hear a piece of music you like by an artist called Post Paradise, google “Post Paradise” or search for them on spotify and listen to more of their work, follow them on social media, and check out similar artists. If you read a blurb about a book that sounds interesting, google it, find it on Amazon.com or at your local bookstore or favorite book site, and read it. We live in a world full of amazing people who create amazing things every day, yet most of the people on our planet seem to be content to settle into bored ruts, barely living and just waiting to die. Ravenmount, at its core is about filling in those ruts and connecting people to things that can enrich life and inspire more creative, happy lives. So far this goal has only been really realized on my twitterfeed, because I hadn’t really articulated why I blog. Having reevaluated my own motivations, however, all of my various blogging and social media efforts are slowly being drawn in to this same vision.

The Universe is a vast, complicated place, with so much to know and understand that no one person could know it all. And, people everywhere are making things, discovering things and doing things that are cool and interesting and beautiful. No one on this planet has a very good excuse to be bored, and no one on this planet has a good excuse to waste precious hours of life watching television or playing video games. None of us should be wasting our time or money on things we don’t like or believe in, so music we don’t personally enjoy listening to, shows we don’t actually enjoy watching, and books we don’t actually enjoy reading should never take up our precious money, or our even more precious time. And, rather than focus our lives on just consuming what others have made, we all should be developing our own talents and discovering our own motivations and untapped potentials.

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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