Ravenmount Weekly Playlist: June 14

I have not made a new playlist in months, but spending almost all day on youtube (where I went from 178 songs on my ‘watch later’ list to … 177!) I found enough songs I wanted to put on a list that I went ahead and made one- 20 songs that are not already on my playlist posts on my blog or elsewhere on my sites. There are some really cool songs on this list, including a few I came across while browsing a bunch of new albums I posted about on Bubblews on Tuesday.


1. Paper Bird (Rooms) – “As I Am” – I watched the Open Air radio studios’ recording of this song on youtube, and fell for it instantly.

2. The Head and the Heart (The Head and the Heart) – “Rivers and Roads” – My friend Brooke Reiss performs a lovely cover of this song, which is where I first heard it, but this is the band she was covering.

3. Brown Bird (Salt for Salt) – “Thunder & Lightning” – Another song I came across on youtube, by a band I’ve heard before, but not much.

4. Rachel & the Kings (single) – “Fall Down” – I’ve met and photographed this band, so they are not new to me, but I was looking for the video of this song and one other that remind me a lot of my friend Amy’s songwriting. In the process I came across their video for a song called “Running”, which is not on their albums on spotify.

5. The Devil Makes Three (The Devil Makes Three)- “Graveyard” – I loved the live recording I watched of this song on youtube. I checked out this song on their live album, but the screaming fans bugged me too much. They keep screaming loud enough that the bits I liked get overpowered by the fans. I wonder really if such girls are really interested in the music at such concerts, or just in hearing their own voices.

6. Jayke Orvis (Its All Been Said)- “Shady Grove/Gypsy Moon” – Another friend of mine, Derek Blake, plays this song a lot at bluegrass jams, where I am most familiar with it. But, the Littlest Birds play an arrangement of this song, as do several Fort Collins artists besides Derek. I do really like Jayke’s version, though, similar to Derek’s, but not quite the same.

7. Alfie Boe (Trust) – “Rosie” – After a bunch of quiet songs that I thought would do well in my grandmother’s old-folks’ home, Alfie Boe’s new album breaks into some very different songs, including this one. It’s hard to believe the same man is singing throughout this whole album, really. I love this one.

8. Paolo Nutini (Sunny Side Up) – “Growing Up Beside You” – I forget about this song when I am just looking at titles on the spotify screen, I guess, because for several years I have enjoyed the 2009 live recording of Paolo performing this song, but I never yet added it to a playlist. I’ve said it before in my posts, but… He’s so dreamy!

9. PHOX (single) – “Slow Motion” – Derek, or maybe one of his friends, told me to check out Phox. Actually several other people, also professional musicians, also suggested this band, so I added some of their videos to my watch-later list. They are very good. Phox will have a brand new album out on June 24th, so just in a few days.

10. Rose of Jerico (Out of the Maze) – “All in My Mind” – Here’s a rock band to break up all the folk, Americana and country on this list. Rose of Jerico is a lot like Rachel & the Kings, and I shared one of their songs with my friend Amy as well. No doubt when she makes her band arrangements of her original songs, these 2 bands will be useful for ideas as to how other artists arrange similar songs.

11. The Civil Wars (The Civil Wars)  – “Devil’s Backbone” – Here is where I started adding more songs, having spent far too long on youtube.

12. Musketeer Gripweed (Floods and Fires) – “Nine Pound Hammer” – Here’s a song of this Fort Collins band’s new album. It’s pretty great.

13. Hannah & Maggie (In the Company of Strangers) – “Morning Star” – And here is a song off Hannah & Maggie’s latest album. I found this duo on youtube a few months ago, and I love their music. Their harmonies are gorgeous and they write amazing songs.

14. Rhydian (The Pearl Fisher’s Duet)- “The Pearl Fisher’s Duet” – New music from one of Britain’s sexiest musicians! Rhydian was a personal trainer before he came in second on X-Factor in 2008 and became a professional musician instead. He still keeps his body in excellent shape, as in body-builder toned, and he is not at all afraid of being admired for his body by his lady fans. After all, he works hard to keep himself looking like that and he likes for his work to be appreciated. Thus, I don’t need to feel guilty for ogling him, at all. Oh, and he sings beautifully.

15. David Francey (So Say We All) – “So Say We All” – I found David Francey as a suggested artist on spotify’s Discover page, and since I found his music he has added several more albums, including his newest, from which this song comes.

16. The Littlest Birds (Live & Lucky) – “Reuben’s Train” – This was my favorite song from this duo’s show in Fort Collins when they were there a few months ago.

17. The Haunted Windchimes (Out With the Crow) – “Make It Rain” – This band is from Pueblo, the otherwise boondocks town that I live in now (it has NO recycling services, and in my quadrant of the city it is pretty normal to see loose dogs wandering around and to hear gunshots randomly every few nights that draw no cops, but it is also not a big city, just a backwards one). This excellent band is one of the few cool things i have found about this city (and I grew up here, so my disgust with Pueblo is based on more than just my past few months here).

18. Paul Byrom (Thinking of Home)- “The Town I Loved So Well” – I found a video of Damian McGinty singing this song with someone at an Irish bar, but on spotify I chose a version off Paul Byrom’s latest album. Paul and Damian used to sing together in Celtic Thunder, so this track is at least connected loosely to Damian and the youtube video.

19. Birds of Chicago (Birds of Chicago)- “Sans Souci” – I posted the youtube video for this song several times on facebook, and it may actually appear in another weekly playlist, but I don’t think I made another list after I saw these lovely musicians perform in Fort Collins. If you get a chance to see this duo, you really should (the same is true for the rest of these artists too, of course).

20. Harry Manx (Road Ragas)- “Nat Bhariav” – I like world music, and here is a very Asian sound, but from a man who is from the Isle of Man, a tiny island just off of the British mainland. It seemed like a nice way to finish off this 1hr 20minute playlist.

To listen to the whole playlist on spotify (a free music service) click here- Ravenmount 20: 20140613

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