1676 Great Spotify Tunes (19)

I spent a few hours outside doing yardwork and hanging out with my brother’s cats, which made my cat very jealous (he’s an indoor cat) and meant I actually took a break not just from bubblews and facebook, but from my computer in general. Ever since I committed to being a writer, I seem to live about a foot from my laptop at all times. But now I’m back, blisters and all (from weeding), to do some more songlist posts and make food for dinner.

So, what do we have this time? Well, we’re almost through that obnoxious alphabetized section, so from now on they’ll be more random, which I like better, and as we progress we’ll get more into the #music I listen to most now, good local and emerging music from real people who are not so big that they have no time to get to know their fans. This is the ‘good stuff’, not over-produced, and not so overplayed on the radio that we’re all sick of it. There’s still plenty of other stuff mixed in, but by the time I left Fort Collins I listened almost exclusively to music within my local music scene, though many of those artists were visiting from elsewhere.

But first, let’s see what these next few songs have to offer.

  1. The Wailin’ Jennys – “Racing With the Sun”
  2. Rhydian – “Land of My Fathers” – This is the Welsh anthem, in Welsh.
  3. The Columbia Minstrels – “Ag Criost An Tsiol”
  4. Elephant Revival – “Point of You”
  5. Stuart A Mark Burrows – “Carol Nadolig” – Nadolig means Christmas, in Gaelic. Yes, when these lists were originally posted it was winter, getting towards Christmas. But, if you are Christian, it shouldn’t matter what time of year you are reminded of Christmas, and if you are not Christian it should matter even less. This is a lovely song.
  6. Sarah McLaghlan – “Mercy”
  7. Barry Kerr – “Clancy’s Jig/ Abbey Reel” – This one and song 400 are both no longer available on spotify, but they were there when I made the original lists. I am sure Barry and Mario both have their reasons, but I can’t help thinking it is a shame they are no longer on spotify. Who knows who Barry Kerr and Mario Frangoulis are anyway, and how many fewer people will ever hear of them if they remove themselves from a major music service like spotify. Oh well, there is always more music to make up for losing them!
  8. Kenny Chesney – “Way Down Here”
  9. Celtic Thunder, Paul Byrom – “Sway”
  10. Alison Krauss, Yo-Yo Ma Natalie Merchant – “The Wexford Carol” – Another holiday song, but with such a star-studded line-up. BTW, I actually compile my holiday playlist all year long, so by December it is already full of great stuff.
  11. Seana – “Carolan’s Concerto” – Harp music in Ireland used to be a cool sort of political thing, because the harpists could play music that communicated sentiments of resistance and if they sang words, they could sing in Gaelic and few English people bothered to learn Gaelic to understand what they were singing. Carolan was a major figure in the recent history of Irish harp music.
  12. Ayub Ogada – “Kothbiro”
  13. The Wailin’ Jennys – “Bring Me Li’l Water Silvy”
  14. Duke Special – “By the Skin of My Teeth”
  15. Benjamin Britten – “This Little Babe” – I really love this song, and I’ve added other renditions of it to non-holiday season playlists. It’s very cool.
  16. Sissel, The Chieftains – “Mitt Hjerte Alltid Varker”
  17. Michael Jackson – “You Are Not Alone”
  18. Sting – “Lullaby for an Anxious Child”
  19. Fox and the Bird – “Mister Winter”
  20. The African Children’s Choir – “Bolingo”
  21. Graznya Auguscik – “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”
  22. The Burgundian Cadance – “Lully Lullia” – One of the gloomiest, creepiest, darkest holiday songs that people sing for Christmas. It is beautiful, but it is about that bit in the Bible where Herod has ordered all male babies killed, trying to kill Jesus. The actual history of that time period is not quite in agreement with the Bible, and there are MANY stories older than the Bible about prophecies foretelling the downfall of the King because of a newborn baby that lead to the king slaughtering babies. It is a very gruesome tale to be in a Christmas song, for sure.
  23. Jane Siberry – “The Water is Wide” – Poor Jane Siberry released this album with lots of great songs, and the tracklist doesn’t quite line up with the songs, so this song is listed as “The Water is Wide”, but it is “False, False Fly”, a much catchier song.
  24. Rising Appalachia – “Across the Blue Ridge Mountains”
  25. Mario Frangoulis – “Caruso”

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