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If you are a Josh Groban fan, you may recall the pretty blond teenager who sang “The Prayer’ with him, for the Australian Olympics show, if my memory serves. They sang that song together other times, too, of course, but that was about all I saw of Charlotte for a few years.

well, Charlotte is all grown up now, and a mother, and she has reinvented herself as a pop musician with a real edge and personal style. As a child she was typecast as an angelic soprano, singing all the same pop-classical crossover songs every other singer in that genre sings. She was constantly being criticized for what she wore, how much skin she was showing, and how thin or fat she was, as if because she had a pretty voice, and sang songs for us all, that gave everyone who saw her the right to harrass her for her appearance and label her and tell her how to live. It bugged me, what little I saw of how she was being treated, and I pointedly did not join in even to follow her career at all. I refuse to condone such awful treatment of any artist, but especially of women.

Thankfully Charlotte Church has more guts even than I have, and was not willing to just accept how she was being treated, and she spoke out about it, sued the media when they illegally intruded on her private life, and at the same time found a new, decidedly non-insipid style for herself. Charlotte has always been a curvier woman than the twiggy ladies that are popular with the media, and she knows how to use her figure to express a sexiness and personal strength that is at the same time fully aware of herself as an attractive, sexy woman, and vehemently opposed to her body being the most important part of who she is. This is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, not afraid of sex and men and the things women traditionally focus on, but very capable of enjoying all the rest of life as well, as a well-balanced, real human being.

I am currently listening to Charlotte’s two most recent EPs, Four and Three, in that order. I really liked some of her songs on the previous two EPs, Two and One. I do wonder if she will ever release an album with a non-numerical name again, but these 4 EPs are all great stuff. Don’t expect Delibes or Mozart, or show tunes, because Charlotte has left those behind for a while. Her voice is matured, and she has a lot of her own experience and knowledge and opinions to draw from now, so her current, original music is now a blend of modern pop, jazz, and R&B . There was not much to be a fan of when Charlotte was just another child singing all the popular classical tunes, but now that her music has grown up, I am definitely a fan.

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