1676 Great Spotify Tunes (18)

Here are 15 more songs to check out. I’ve been posting so few of these lately that I had to do a few tonight just to start to catch up a little. I haven’t felt much like listening to music of any kind over the past few days, but the best cure for such a bad mood is often to put on some great music. Now that I have this playlist on, I feel better already!

  1. Sade – “All About Our Love”
  2. Shauna Mullin – “The Wee Weaver” – This song is along the same lines as Steeleye Span’s “The Weaver and the factory Maid”, in which the rhythm of weaving is captured in the beat of the song. It’s pretty cool.
  3. Shawn Colvin – “I Don’t Know You”
  4. Shawn Colvin – “Seal Lullaby”
  5. Shawn Colvin – “These Four Walls”
  6. SHEL – “The Battle of Evermore”
  7. SHEL – “Like Minded Fool”
  8. Simon & Garfunkel – “7 O’Clock News/ Silent Night” – Here is a rendition of a Christmas song that may give you unexpected chills and make you think.
  9. Sheryl Crow, Sting – “Always on Your Side”
  10. Simon Spire – “Light Survives”
  11. Simply Red – “Holding Back the Years”
  12. Straight No Chaser, Barry Manilow – “One Voice”
  13. Teddy Thompson – “Take Care of Yourself”
  14. Pyotr Ilyich Tschaikovsky- “The Nutcracker- The Dance of the Reed Pipes”
  15. They Might Be Giants – “Birdhouse In Your Soul”

Out of these, my favorite tonight is “Seal Lullaby”, followed by “Like Minded Fool”. How ’bout you? Are any of these on your favorites list(s)?

As always, you can see the whole list on spotify at –http://open.spotify.com/user/128264634/starred

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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