Ravenblog: Xeriscape Touring

My mom and her husband arrived at my apartment at about 2 this afternoon to pick me up so I could join them for the oh-so-exciting xeriscape tour they were looking forward to all season. There is also a music related event this weekend, of course, that I could have been attending with my camera in hand, but they pointedly forgot about that event (so if they start griping about how I am not doing much concert photography or music-blogging lately, they have no leg to stand on, really).

Well, we got to the table at the Sangre de Cristo arts center where the maps were being handed out by about 2:30, and the event ended for the day at 3pm, officially (typical tail-end arrival for my family- Mom has always been great at avoiding planning and at putting off actually leaving her house, I think so that she can blame circumstances outside her control for things not working out so well. “There wasn’t much time to do x, so we did what we could” or “I had no idea that y started a few hours before we arrived”, etc.) and we did make it around to all of the yards that were on the route, but I must say I had more fun walking around staring at old furniture and windows in Tudor houses in Brighton (an adventure I may tell some day if I need a bit of a sleepy memory to wind down by). Have you ever traveled all over town just to park, walk around someone else’s yard for 5 minutes, get in the car, drive to the next yard on the list and do the same? They all plant the same things, because they all shop at the same garden centers and those only ever stock the same plants. But, somehow this was an exciting day for my mom.

My exciting, or at least rewarding bit was finding some great discount plants at Lowes after we saw the last yard and went plant shopping. I found 2 lantanas for 50 cents a piece, plus some equally cheap geraniums, verbena, dianthus (7 healthy plants, one in a gallon pot, all for $1.25) and 2 African violets ($1 ea). The violets are of course houseplants here, as is the veriagated peperomia I bought there, also on sale for $1. I love lantanas, and African violets are one of my favorite housplants, so I had fun planting in my new plants this afternoon and cleaning up my new violets. They are 1/2 gallon-pot sized plants, so rather big for $1, and still in bloom so I already know they are not colors I already have. I used to have 6 of them before I moved at the end of March, but I had to give away all but 2, so these new ones are a welcome addition to my growing houseplant collection.

I did also figure out that part of my computer’s problem is that the keyboard gets too hot after a while, so I may have to plan on only working on my computer in the evenings when it is cooler this summer. I think it did the same thing, skipping or jumbling keystrokes, last summer, but I was just not on my computer typing mid-day during the summer. So, I may be online at the same time as all the non-US bubblers rather than when my own continent tends to be on here this summer, but then again I have always wished I lived in Britain or Ireland, so this may be not so bad after all. 🙂

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