1676 Great Spotify Tunes (15)

Well, that was more than a few minutes, but my library books are due in a few days so I read a few more chapters. This next set of songs on my Starred playlist starts off with more Celtic Thunder, several songs in fact. So, I’m giving you 20 instead of 15 to make up for the scant diversity. Oh, and my keyboard iss till being awful, so please pardon the typos-i feel like I am typing on a faultyt old typwriter tonightan d my patiencefo r it is quickly dwindling.

  1. Celtic Thunder – “She’s Always a Woman” – This is not my favorite Celtic Thunder song, and at first I was really not thrilled that Neil Byrne made his lead-singer debut on this one and “Noreen”. Several years later, though, I have met him three times and had all these years to get to know him as a person through scioal media. This really is a great song for him to cover.
  2. Celtic Thunder – “Cat’s In the Cradle”
  3. Celtic Thunder – “Maid of Culmore”
  4. Cher – “Heart of Stone”
  5. Cheap Trick – “The Flame” – I LOVE this song. I was too young to fall in love really when this song came out on MTV, but had I been older, I’d have been in love with the singer from the first bars, too.
  6. Cher, Peter Cetera – “After All”
  7. Chris de Burgh – “All Along the Watchtower” – It is hard to gush about this song without giving away spoilers, but this song takes on some extra significance as a vital detail in the modern Battlestar Galactica. If you’ve seen seasons 3 and 4 of that show, you know what I mean and may also get goosebumps from this song.
  8. The Chieftains, Paolo Nutini – “Hard Times Come Again No More”
  9. Cibelle – “Train”
  10. Chris de Burgh – “Lady in Red”
  11. Clay Walker – “Fall”
  12. Dan Tyminski – “Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere”
  13. Dan Zanes and Friends – “Erie Canal” – This is a kids’ song, or at least a song on an album meant for kids and their families. Dan Zanes is a guy who started making and selling cassette tapes of his kid songs, which include renditions of traditional songs like this, door to door and out of the back of his car.
  14. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – “17 and 53”
  15. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – “Fool”
  16. Danny Kaye – “Little White Duck” – Another kids’s song, about a snake and a depopulated pond.
  17. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – “We Are Hot Dogs” – A love song.
  18. Dar Williams – “Storm King”
  19. Dar Williams – “Comfortably Numb” – Yet another unexpectedly cool cover of a familiar song.
  20. Darrell Coyle – “My my my” – This guy is a very talented emerging artist out of Ireland, and still my favorite artist to work with Damian McGinty’s record label Walled City Records.

Now I’m going back to my book before I get too pissed off at my computer. I have retyped every other word in this post, trying to keep the typos out, and unfortunately it is not behaving better yet, no matter how much I glare and curse at it.

To add any of the songs from my Starred playlist to your own spotify playlists just drag the song you like into the playlist you want to add it to. If you need to make a new playlist first, just click the “+ New Playlist” on the left-hand side of the spotify screen and give your new list a name. Also, to follow me on spotify just go to my profile and click follow. You’ll see what I am listening to on your own spotify console and be able to discover more great music as I do. (profile link:http://open.spotify.com/user/128264634)

Playlist link: http://open.spotify.com/user/128264634/starred

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