1676 Great Spotify Tunes (13)

Well, we’ve made it through 200 songs together already. Have you found any new favorites yet?

If not, or if you just need more, check out this next set for more great songs. I’ve been listening to my Starred playlist all day, and I keep wanting to share the song I am enjoying with you all, only to realize I am listening to parts of the playlist far beyond where these posts have left off. So, before I get too far ahead of myself, here are songs #201-215 on my spotify Starred playlist. These may seem like they are alphabetical, and they are, because I started using my Starred playlist as the primary list for my blog playlists a while after I started making the playlists, so I had to backtrack and add in the songs on spotify that I had listed on my blog earlier. So, there are going to be several songs by some of these artists all in a row, a pattern I otherwise try very hard to avoid. Sorry, but I promise they are still fantastic songs.

  1. Aled Jones – “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – Aled Jones was a child star, releasing albums of gospel, classical and showtune favorites similar to what Charlotte Church recorded as a kid. Aled is Welsh, after all, and there is a VERY strong choral singing culture in Wales out of which child-singers emerge every so often. In traditional Welsh culture, singing is cool, even for boys, though many kids there now probably would rather be modern if they hang out with modern kids who don’t DO singing on pain of death. Aled’s singing career extended into adulthood in his same genre of pop-classical crossover, while Charlotte Church has drifted into pop music as an adult.
  2. Alex Clare – “Relax My Beloved”
  3. Alfie Boe, Kerry Ellis – “Come What May” – Alfie Boe sings a lot of the same songs as Aled Jones, Rhydian Roberts, Paul Byrom, Katherine Jenkins, etc., but I really like his voice. I discovered him when Ryan Kelly posted a link to a video of him singing “Gethsemane”. Kerry Ellis, of course, is the amazingly talented and lovely lady who has been performing with Brian May a lot over the past few years. She was cast in the role of Meat Loaf in the musical We Will Rock You, and since held a role in Wicked, among other shows.
  4. Alfie Boe – “On the Street Where You Live”
  5. Alison Krauss & Union Station – “My Love Follows you Where You Go”
  6. Arke String Quartet – “Song of the Sabia”
  7. Ari Hest – “Big Ben”
  8. Bad Brad & the Sipsey Slims – “Rise”
  9. Beth Orton – “Magpie”
  10. Bodega – “Tha Na H-uain Air An Tulaich”
  11. Bon Iver – “Calgary”
  12. Bodega – “Midnight Tramp/Missing Floor”
  13. Bon Jovi/ Jennifer Nettles – “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”
  14. Brad Paisley, B.B. King – “Let the Good Times Roll”
  15. Brian May – “Last Horizon”

Have you added any of the songs from my Starred playlist to your own spotify playlists yet? (To do so, just drag the song you like into the playlist you want to add it to. If you need to make a new playlist first, just click the “+ New Playlist” on the left-hand side of the spotify screen and give your new list a name.)


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