1676 Great Spotify Tunes (10)

I’ve listened through this particular part of my mammoth Starred playlist several times today, enough that I’d love to move on now, but of course every time today that I sat down to type this post something came up or an error got in the way, or both. So, this post is going to be done now, after which I can move on to listen to other songs finally. (I put the playlist on while I type, of course, starting at the first song of the post I am working on.)

  1. Martha Tilson – “Wild Swimming”
  2. Mario Frangoulis – “So In Love”
  3. After Midnight – “Air Mail Special” – This is a great instrumental track from an excellent local Fort Collins jazz band.
  4. Bananarama – “Help”
  5. The Hollyfelds – “Empress of Wyoming” – The Hollyfelds are a Wyoming country band that plays at some of the Fort Collins festivals. I love their harmonies, and they write some great songs.
  6. Dun a Doras – “The King’s Shilling”
  7. Vixen – “Crying”
  8. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – “Letter to the President”
  9. Celtic Thunder – “Shadow’s Dancing”
  10. Katie Glassman – “Snapshot”
  11. Angelique Kidjo – “Lonlon Ravel’s Bolero”
  12. Florence and the Machine – “Shake It Out”
  13. Nelson – “L’ami” – Yes, this is the Nelson twins, though the both cut their hair short. They still are recording and performing, and for their age they are actually still pretty cute.
  14. Fiach – “Lullabye”
  15. Celtic Thunder – “The Homes of Donegal”

To listen to all the tracks on these playlists use this link, which will open the playlist in spotify –http://open.spotify.com/user/128264634/starred I am posting these songs in chronological order according to when I added them to the playlist, so to hear them in that order, click on the “ADDED” column header in the spotify window for the playlist so that the lime green arrow next to that word points down.

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