Ravenblog: 3 new books!

I just got back from shopping, at the grocery store and Goodwill. I needed kitty treats to placate my kitty (who ran out of his treats yesterday morning and has been alternately really sweet and biting my toes ever since, hoping that the combination would somehow magically produce more treats) and a little dish to put my vitamins in, since I like to put all my day’s vitamin pills out in a container on the counter where I can grab one whenever I am drinking a glass of water. I take a multivitamin that has a goodly dose of minerals in it, plus one pill each of calcium, B-vitamin complex, vitamin E and vitamin C, and this week glucosamine (to see if it makes any difference in my joints). I hate pills, but those vitamins really do seem to have some affect- in particular when I take the vitamin E regularly my bruises heal faster, my mouth feels noticably healthier when I take vitamin C, and my gut feels better when I take the B-complex. So by the end of the day I have taken all of them, but I got tired of just putting them in a soup bowl or saucer and if I don’t put them all out at once I can forget whether I already took them, mistaking memories of taking them yesterday for ones of taking them earlier today. Anyway, those were the two items I went shopping for. Guess what I brought back…

At the grocery store I did need some things for me, not just for the cat, stuff like bread and soup and frozen veggies, but I also got a couple packages of cookies and lots of different cans of beans, which were on sale. So, dinner tonight was tater tots, chili beans and cubes of hot pepperjack cheese, quite tasty. (I also have the second cake I made last night at Mom’s house, a Devil’s Food Cake mix made with milk instead of water and with an extra egg, with orangecicle frosting, inspired by those yummy Terry’s chocolate orange candies.)

At the thrift store I came back with a nice pair of small black planting-pot shaped ceramic bowls, perfect for my vitamins. I also found two nice colorful Starbucks bowls, and 3 NEW BOOKS. What books did I get, you ask? Well… I found a Selected Writings of Emerson book for 70 cents, a graduate level Nonlinear Systems textbook for $2, and a 7th edition Campbell’s Biology book for $4. I was particularly excited about the biology book, because last time I had one, a 5th edition, I gave it to my old roommate who was going back to school 15 years after she dropped out and needed a biology textbook. Ever since then I have wished I had one in my home library still. The nonlinear textbook is also cool. It will require some serious math review before I can work through it, but I did once pass a 400-level course in ordinary differential equations, so it is at least in theory a book I should be able to handle shortly once I review my math.

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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