1676 Great Spotify Tunes (6)

Are you ready for #86-100 of my Starred spotify playlist (the spotify equivalent to my ‘top tracks’)? If you missed the previous 85 songs you can check them out on spotify for free, if you have spotify set up. My Starred playlist is available athttp://open.spotify.com/user/128264634/starred if you want to listen to all 1676 tracks. I keep a music blog that has been around for a few years now, and for quite a while I kept a weekly playlist series going, 20 songs at a time, highlighting songs I particularly enjoy. Now that spotify has changed the way starred posts appear outside that playlist, I am pausing from making new 20-song playlists till I decide how I will keep track of which songs I have already used. The old system didn’t work perfectly all the time anyway, as the occasional duplicates suggest, and maybe duplicates over the course of 2 years of weekly posts are forgivable. In any case, in the meantime I am listing all those songs I featured. You could think of this as my answer to the oft-asked question “What songs would you recommend?” My Starred playlist is the one I turn on whenever I want to listen to music and don’t have anything particular in mind, and it has a lot of really fantastic music. The posts that list the first 85 tracks are all up on Bubblews still, at the following links, too, so if you don’t have spotify, or just want to see at a glance what songs I picked, give these posts a visit.

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Now, without further ado, here are the rest of the songs that make up the first 100 on my Starred playlist.

  1. Angelique Kidjo – “Kelele” – I have always been interested in world music, and after hearing a duet between Angelique Kidjo and Josh Groban I had to look up Angelique’s solo music and add one of her songs to a playlist.
  2. Celtic Thunder – “Ride On” – Celtic Thunder started out casting its lead singers in particular charicatures, so Ryan’s was the ‘Dark Destroyer’, and this was one of the songs that set his character in their first show. He does play the part well, but off stage he’s a very nice, somewhat shy and reserved fellow who has as hard a time figuring out what to say to random fans as I have figuring out what to say to random musicians.
  3. Heart – “Dream of the Archer” – I had one cassette of Heart, their Little Queen album, when I was a kid, so I know all those songs by heart, and barely know any of the resy of their music, outside of the radio released hits.
  4. The Clancy Brothers – “Cruiscin Lan” – This song is a great walking song, and I wonder if it developed in part as a walking song to occupy the minds of Irish people as they walked from their farms and villages into town and back.
  5. Doris Day – “You Won’t Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart)” – My older friends are all amazed for some reason that I listen to music by people they recognize, but who hasn’t heard this song before?
  6. Don McLean – “American Pie” – We used to sing this song, al the verses, in order, as the scouts filed into the campfire ring at a camp I worked for. So, after so much practice, I can sing the whole thing in order, still, without missing any words.
  7. Paolo Nutini – “New Shoes” – I would have thought from his name and his appearance that Paolo is from Italy, but his accent is a British one, and actually he is just a very sexy, well-tanned Scottish bloke, though obviously with very recent Italian roots.
  8. Paul Byrom – “La Volce del Silencio” – I still wonder when Paul Byrom will release a new album, since he hasn’t been talking at all yet about doing any studio work so far since this album came out.
  9. Jason Mraz – “93 Million Miles” – Another of my guilty pleasure artists, I suppose, but I really like this song, and a couple others that Jason Mraz has recorded. I am wary of becoming too fond of mainstream pop-stars, because I know so many of them don’t actually write most of their songs. Still, outside of local and emerging music scenes, most people have always used songs written by someone else, even when they are not officially covering someone else’s tune.
  10. Cara Dillon – “The Den of Thieves” – I came across this lady on a BBC series on youtube, initially, the same series that introduced me to Julie Fowlis’ music. Both women are fantastic folk musicians, and perform a lot of traditional songs that are rarely performed otherwise.
  11. The Real Tuesday Weld – “Anything But Love” – I’ve liked this artist’s I, Lucifer album for many years. It is a coherent narrative from the first song through to the last, and it’s very artisticly done.
  12. Celtic Thunder – “All Day Long” – Yes, another Celtic Thunder song, but this was also a song Keith Harkin wrote that wound up being incorporated into Celtic Thunder’s show, but could easily have been on Keith’s first solo album instead. His album hadn’t been released yet, but he was gearing up for its release when I added this song to my playlist.
  13. KT Tunstall – “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”
  14. Elephant Revival – “What Is Time” – Here is another Colorado band, one which has been very successful so far. These lovely people are from Denver and Boulder and Fort Collins and the general area in between. I finally met them last spring, and have plans in my head now to make my own pick-studded gloves so I can master the washboard as an instrument, after talking with Bonnie about how she made hers.
  15. Katherine Jenkins – “Abigail’s Song (Silence Is All You Know)” – I love the bit in the behind-the-scenes video for this Dr. Who Christmas special where they are talking about finding Katherine Jenkins for the role of Abigail, and how she not only played the role perfectly, but she can sing this ethereal song with out any editing after the fact. I first heard her when she was singing a duet with Rhydian Roberts, and have been a fan ever since.

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