Ravenblog: Life as a Music Blogger

728Some days I particularly love being a music blogger. It took many months to get established with the local arts scene (and I am back almost to square one now that I moved to Pueblo) but now that I have my blog established I get occasional messages from the fantastic musicians I know, “Hey, we have a new album. What’s your email address so we can send it to you?” Tonight I’ll be writing a review on a new album by a cool folk duo in California, from just such a message, and I have quite a few more reviews from similarly acquired albums that I’ll be posting next month for a planned new music review post series.

Free Range Pickens at Equinox

Free Range Pickens at Equinox

I still have a long way to go with Ravenmount, and I’m afraid it is starting to revert to being a books blog, with music mixed in, rather than a music blog with occasional book posts. But whatever Ravenmount turns into, it’s a much more satisfying life than the world of academia I gave up. It is easy to go through the motions of making a life for oneself, without ever really stopping to ask what the point is. Music blogging, or blogging in general, is a harder living financially than being a professor, but another round of grad school (and then the fun of being a non-tenured instructor on minimal wages to pay off the student loans) sounds a lot more miserable than being broke a lot without the extra student loan debts and having the freedom I enjoy now.

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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