1676 Great Spotify Tunes (5)

Could you tell in that last batch that I was in a bit of a rut when I put those songs together for those earlier blog playlists? I was, and I was frustrated and needed some new music to renew my spirits. Back then all I really knew was mainstream music. I had come across Celtic Thunder, Rhydian Roberts, the Young Dubliners, and the High Kings on youtube, all in one week in the summer of 2009, and for far too long those artists and the music I already knew by 2009 were the only music I listened to besides the repetitive, stale mainstream radio stations. I really liked all the songs I was featuring, and I still do, but I felt a bit silly after a while writing so much about the same few artists, and mostly male artists at that. I was starting to wonder if I WAS having one of those silly celebrity crushes that many Thunderheads have for Celtic Thunder singers, and maybe I was crushing on two of those men (I’ve met them a few times now, and I could see myself having such a crush on them, anyway.) I was new to spotify, and just learning how to find new music on that system, but once I realized I needed to find some new artists, I went looking for them, and not too surprisingly, I FOUND SOME. I also started thinking about local music- if mainstream music was that bad, surely local musicians could at least match such a basic standard as that, but with local musicians I could meet them and not just be stuck with dead-end celebrity crushes. Well, as you can see in this batch of my starred songs on spotify, I didn’t just give up those old favorites, but I did gradually start finding more music, and my lists started to become a bit more diverse.

  1. Ben Sollee – “A Change Is Gonna Come” – A spotify find, and an artist I had never heard of before using spotify to find new music.
  2. Martha Angelici – “Pie Jesu”
  3. Brooks Williams – “Weary of the Moon” – Another spotify find, and one of my favorite ‘new acquisitions’ to my playlists, this song in particular.
  4. Celine Dion – “A New Day Has Come”
  5. Celtic Thunder – “A Bird Without Wings” – This song always had a sort of melancholy haunting feel to it for me ever since I first saw the video on youtube in 2009, but now that George Donaldson is dead (he died suddenly on March 12th of this year) that baritone voice in the background really hits home that he’s gone. I’m glad I stopped to take a couple photos after I met him in November, and that I stayed long enough after their show to meet them again that night.
  6. Celtic Thunder – “Lagan Love”
  7. Elvis Presley – “A Little Bit of Green”
  8. Hayley Westenra – “Lezione de Musica” – After years of trying, I still can’t sing along to this one at full speed.
  9. Josh Groban – “If I Walk Away”
  10. Katherine Jenkins – “Cacchini: Ave Maria”
  11. Kenny Chesney – “Summertime”
  12. Michael Jackson – “She’s Out of My Life’ – Josh Groban covered this one a while back, and I really liked the song, but Josh’s cover version was not on spotify so I had to find one just as good or better.
  13. Nena – “99 Luftballons” – I love this song, especially in the German.
  14. Nora Jones – “Come Away With Me”
  15. Paolo Nutini – “Keep Rolling” – Keith Harkin had some of Paolo Nutini’s videos on a playlist on his youtube account, which I noticed while looking for some of Keith’s own videos. I watched those Paolo Nutini videos and was instantly hooked.

And, because 15 songs is sometimes way too short a playlist, here are a few more songs.

  1. Paper Bird – “A Lie Is A Lie – Slow Down” – Here is the first truly local artist that turns up on these playlists, the Denver band Paper Bird. I had found them on youtube in 2010, so I vaguely knew they existed, but I had not looked them up ever since that 2010 foray into local music (during which I found only Paper Bird, the Lumineers and Danielle Ate the Sandwich). But, they are on youtube.
  2. Peter Corry – “If You Leave Me Now”
  3. Sandra McCracken – “Where Do You Go To, My Lovely” -Keith Harkin covers this one in his live shows, and he had a video up of one of his radio performances of this song. I love the song, and had to find a recording of it by someone that was on spotify.
  4. Rhydian – “Myfanwy” – Rhydian did very few Welsh songs on his earlier albums, but he did include this track, one of my favorite traditional Welsh songs.
  5. Simon & Garfunkel – “A Poem On An Underground Wall” – I’ve loved Simon & Garfunkel since I was a kid, but I only ever had one old greatest hits cassette tape of their music, so I’d never heard this gorgeous song till I looked up the rest of their music on spotify.
  6. Josh Groban – “Bells of New York City”
  7. Tommy Fleming, Eleanor Shanley – “Far Thee Well, Love” – If I ever became a professional singer, I would love to have this song in my repertoire. It’s beautiful, especially in this arrangement.
  8. Roxette – “Speak to Me” – Here’s a rather moody Roxette tune I had never heard before, that I really enjoy.
  9. Thea Gilmore – “Down Along the Cove” – Thea Gilmore has become one of my favorite non-local singers, ever since I found her music on spotify (as a ‘related artist’ to Celtic Thunder).
  10. Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe – “Just A Little Girl From Little Rock” – I watched this movie the same week as I put the playlist together for my blog, so I had to include this song. I love Marilyn’s parts in this song.

So, the next post will bring us all the way to song #100 on my Starred spotify playlist. I’ll be posting those next 15 songs soon, so stay tuned for more. My Starred playlist is available athttp://open.spotify.com/user/128264634/starred if you want to listen to all 1676 tracks. 🙂 Happy Listening!

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