1676 Great Spotify Tunes (4)

Ready for another 15 songs? Here’s songs #46-60 from my spotify Starred playlist.

  1. Elvis Presley – “Chesay” – Not your typical Elvis song, this is one from a movie, a nice gypsy-esque whirling dervish sort of dance tune.
  2. Bing Crosby – “Come Share the Wine” – Another fairly unknown song by a well known ‘oldies’ singer.
  3. Midnight Oil – “Blue Sky Mine” – When this song first came out on the radio and on MTV, there were very few hit songs that did not hover around the topic of sex, so this one really stood out as something refreshing and interesting.
  4. Savage Garden – “Break Me Shake Me” – Not really my favorite Savage Garden song, but I had it stuck in my head when I was making playlists for a while.
  5. Ryan Kelly – “In Too Deep” – Another song from Celtic Thunder singer’s solo album.
  6. Celtic Thunder – “Wichita Lineman” – This is one of my favorite cover songs from this group, sung by Keith Harkin.
  7. Josh Groban – “You Are Loved – Don’t Give Up” – It’s sappy, but some days this song really hits the spot.
  8. Pale Blue Jak – “Lost and Tender” – I was feeling gloomy when I did the original playlist post these came from, so this song, and #55, #56 and #60 were me feeling sorry for myself in music.
  9. Paul Byrom – “I Will Love You”
  10. Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss – “Whiskey Lullaby” – Even when I am in a great mood this song always makes me a bit melancholy.
  11. Nickle Creek – “The Lighthouse’s Tale” – Yep, I’m a sucker for a great story told in a well-crafted song.
  12. Mirrormask (soundtrack) – “Close to You” – This track is not on spotify, nor is #59. I toyed with the idea of not sticking to spotify for my playlists, an idea I still seriously bandy about now that their stars no longer show up next to tracks I’ve starred. (Before I could see at a glance whether I already used a song on a past playlist, but now I have to look up each song I am considering adding to my new playlists, to see if it is already on my ‘Starred’ playlist. The old system was so much simpler!)
  13. Rhydian – “There Will Be a Time”
  14. Garth Brooks – “The River”
  15. Peter, Paul & Mary – “Leaving on a Jet Plane” – We sang this song a lot one summer when I worked at a summer camp, so it brings back all sorts of memories.

I’ll be posting more songs soon, so stay tuned for more. My Starred playlist is available at open.spotify.com/user/128264634/starred if you want to listen to all 1676 tracks. šŸ™‚ Happy Listening!

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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