1676 Great Spotify Tunes (3)

Now that you’ve hopefully had a chance to digest the first 30 songs of this grand list, here are another 15 songs to enjoy this weekend, the next batch as we work through the 1676 songs that have been featured so far on my weekly 20-song playlist posts.

  1. Julie Fowlis, Eddi Reader – “Wind and Rain” – They say that music has no language barriers, but I do love that the Irish bits of this song are also sung in English. I can imagine I even know a bit of Irish after a while of singing along to this song, even though most likely my pronunciation is atrocious.
  2. Lesley Garrett – “I Will Pray For You” – This batch of songs includes quite a few singers, people who don’t write their own songs, but who sing a broad variety of classical, oldies and show tunes. I have a little less respect for these musicians than for those who are making their own original music, but just as ice dancing is beautiful, even if it is not particularly original, these singers make beautiful music. This song is quite lovely, for instance.
  3. The King Sisters – “My Little Grass Shack” – Even if you listen to a lot of oldies, you may not have heard this song yet, and it’s pretty neat, with just one big Hawaiian word that is tough to learn (for the purpose of singing along, of course).
  4. Neil Byrne – “Truador” – Neil Byrne joined Celtic Thunder in 2007, as part of their band and a back-up singer, but he had several music projects before Celtic Thunder. Once he started singing as one of the principal singers for Celtic Thunder, Neil also went back to work a bit as a solo artist, releasing a new solo EP. This song was one that actually was popular locally in Ireland before he joined Celtic Thunder, that he included on his 2010 EP Sensitive Souls.
  5. Nelly Furtado, Josh Groban – “Silencio” – After hearing this song I went back to Nelly Furtado’s other songs to see if I was a bit hasty dismissing her as an artist I am not interested in, but no, I don’t generally like her music so far, just this song. Still, she clearly has talents beyond the variety of pop she is most popular for.
  6. Patrizio Buanne – “Mambo Italiono” – This song is so much cooler when sung by someone with the right accent! Here is another of those ‘singers’ I mentioned earlier, but a continental European one.
  7. Paul Byrom – “Rio Serenade” – And here’s an Irish ‘singer’, formerly a member of Celtic Thunder. Paul Byrom left Celtic Thunder several years ago to pursue his solo career, and he has limped along ever since, trying to build a following even a tenth the size of the one he left behind. Sure, some of the Thunderheads (Celtic Thunder fans) are still madly loyal to him, but he has released no new album since the one this song is from, and he only plays shows along the US East Coast and in Ireland, so most of the Thunderheads were left behind. He is talented, and his song choices are nice, but I do wonder what the future will hold for this fellow.
  8. Rhydian – “I Won’t Let You Walk This Road Alone” – And here’s a Welsh ‘singer’, that fellow Rhydian that I introduced on a previous batch of these songs. He distinguished himself from the rest of the male classical/pop crossover artists by drifting to Welsh traditional songs and Welsh translations of 80’s pop tunes. But, this song is from his first album, so it is a show tune, and one every ‘singer’ has to sing for at least one album, apparently. But, he sings it nicely.
  9. Ryan Kelly – “Emily” – Here is yet another Celtic Thunder singer, and one still in the group, alongside Neil Byrne. Ryan also released a solo album in 2010, but a full-length one, not just an EP. Ryan was in a band called Emergency Exit for a while in Ireland, alongside his daytime accounting work, before he joined Celtic Thunder, and it only took a few years of touring with Celtic Thunder and being known only for singing traditional Celtic folk songs and pop songs before Ryan too was motivated to make some recordings of his own original music.
  10. Steeleye Span – “The Weaver and the Factory Maid” – Here’s another cool Steeleye Span song, one with a very catchy rhythm that mimics the sounds of a weaver’s loom at work. The song itself is about a man whose handweaving is becoming obsolete due to industrialization, so that the factory maid, a young woman, is employed, while the weaver, a man, is not.
  11. Young Dubliners – “Rosie” – This was my favorite Young Dubliners song when I first found this band on youtube.
  12. Kenny Rogers – “The Gambler” – I love the gravelly low bit right at the start of this recording. The rest of the song is great, but that low voice at the first line hooked me for sure, ever since when I first heard thsi one as a little kid.
  13. Ross Crean – “A Chuisle Mo Chroi” – The song is in Irish, but the singer is a talented fellow in Chicago.
  14. Selena – “I Could Fall In Love” – A ‘guilty pleasure’ song that I liked even before Selena was murdered.
  15. The Corrs – “The Dimming of the Day”- I was torn between this version of this lovely traditional Irish song and Alison Krauss’ version, but I really like the harmonies the Corrs use in their version.

My Starred playlist is available at http://open.spotify.com/user/128264634/starred if you want to listen to all 1676 tracks. I’ll post another 15-song chunk whenever I get the itch to write a new post. 🙂 Happy Listening!

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