30 Days of Favorites (Colorado) Day 3: Tyler T.

Tyler T. (Psychadelic Rock, Progressive Folk/Pop, Eclectic Rock) One of the most attractive young men in the Fort Collins music scene, in my opinion, is the amazing Tyler T. This man plays a unique solo act involving several electronic gadgets that allow him to be a one-man band playing didgeridoos, an electric drum pad, a specially modified electric guitar (plugged into one of the gadgets so he can play horns, koto, and a wide variety of other sounds as well as electric guitar on that same instrument), and the obligatory staple, his acoustic guitar. In some songs now, Tyler also has incorporated his new banjo, and he has a small collection of cool musical toys, including a slide-whistle, that feature in some of his songs. His signature sound is probably his didgeridoos, which no one else in town plays, but even when he leaves them at home Tyler plays a lot of great original songs that earn him new fans every night he performs.

Tyler is originally from Lubbock, Texas, and moved to Colorado just a couple years ago. He had toured through Fort Collins before, and liked it a lot, so when he decided to move out of Texas, he relocated to Fort Collins. It took a while for him to settle into the scene as a local musician- when he was just travelling through he only needed to book one show and he was a novelty enough to convince venue owners to give him a night of stage-time, but as a local he went through several months of struggling to book shows because as just another local musician he needed to convince venue owners/booking staff that he was good enough to draw a crowd in music-soaked Fort Collins. When I first met Tyler he was still in the process of establishing himself, but since then he has made a lot of progress. This past weekend, though, Tyler played a set for FoCoMX, Fort Collins’ version of SXWS, and he has several venues that book him for shows roughly once a month. I suppose the fact that he’s one of my favorite local musicians and that I talk about him all the time on my blog and in person might have helped, but I’m sure even in my absence that Tyler would have easily earned himself the attention he is finally starting to recieve within the Fort Collins area.

Right now Tyler T. has just one album available, A World to Wander. However, he is in the studio now recording his next album, one which will include quite a few of my favorite songs from his shows. For this album Tyler is bringing in some fabulous guest musicians, including a few of my other favorite local musicians, and I am sure it will be fantastic.

Website (facebook): https://www.facebook.com/TylerTsMusic Album: A World to Wander (itunes) https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/tyler-t./id477873724 , (CD Baby)http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tylert

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