30 Days of Favorites (Colorado) Day 2: Von Stomper

Von Stomper- Home Town: Fort Collins, Colorado Genre Range: Americana/Folk Rock/Folk/Blues Rock/Country Websites: Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/vonstomperOfficial band website- http://www.vonstomper.com/#home

I first met the fellows who became Von Stomper when their band was brand new. These 5 talented young men have been jamming together off and on for a while, as friends, but last year something really cool coalesced and they turned up at the Black Mountain Ramble (First Thursday of every month at Wild Boar Coffee, in Fort Collins) to play together. I think actually the first time I saw them all perform together they were jumping in as guests at one of these rambles while either Luke Callen or Wolf Van Elfmand had the stage. They only had a few songs they all knew at that point, but they had a great synergy. A year later they have a brand new album that just came out, and Von Stomper will be playing a set for this year’s FoCoMX festival this upcoming weekend. I have always thought these guys made a great band, ever since they formed, and now Fort Collins and many surrounding communities are becoming almost as enthusiastic about this band as I am.

Von Stomper is currently Wolf Van Elfmand (electric/acoustic guitar, vocals), Luke Callen (acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals), Mark “Rooster” Austin (harmonica, banjo, vocals), Dane Mark (Percussion), and Taylor Shuck (upright bass, vocals). With 4 singers in the band, not only does Wolf’s voice not wear out so badly (he likes to really belt his crescendos) but they can do 4 part harmony vocals, which happens occasionally in their shows. My favorite song from their live shows, the traditional folk tune “Sea Line Woman” is done essentially a cappella as a gorgeous mix of harmonies and light percussion. On the other end of their stylistic range this band has a few very energetic, loud numbers that channel their rock side, and in between they play a great range of Americana/Country originals and old traditional songs.

Debut Album: Von Stomper (http://www.vonstomper.com/album-preorder.html) [Official release date April 4, 2014]

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