Ravenmount Playlist: April 20th

It feels like I have been gone from the Internet a lot longer than just a couple weeks. It has been about a month since I posted a new playlist, which is a crazy thought considering that last year I made sure to post a new one every week. Onward and upwards, right? This week I am posting my playlist on both this blog and on the Bubblews site, an experiment that may reach a broader audience than usual, if successful (so if you use Bubblews you may have seen this one).

193This week’s playlist has fewer local Colorado artists than usual, but I included quite a few more obscure artists and albums, and everyone is local somewhere. I was really enjoying the solo sets that Mosey West’s bassist Mike was playing in Fort Collins before I left, and hearing his stripped down acoustic songs I gained a better appreciation for his songs that have become Mosey West recordings, too. So, of course, I added one of their songs from their new album, which is doing quite well on the Colorado charts this week.

I also included a song from the Haunted Windchimes, since I missed seeing Chela Lujan, one of the ladies of this band, twice this week. She was playing a solo set on Thursday night downtown, and was also part of the Ludlow Massacre memorial event on Friday. The rest of these tracks are also really great, so if you are looking for some new tunes check out this latest Ravenmount spotify playlist

1. Arcane – “Chinese Canon”
2. Rosie Thomas – “Leftover Coffee”
3. Brooks Williams – “Mountain”
4. Birds of Chicago – “I Have Heard Words”
5. Devics – “My Beautiful Sinking Ship”
6. Abigail Washburn – “Song of the Traveling Daughter”
7. Kate Mann – “O Death”
8. Caravan of Thieves – “Mexico”
9. Peter Mulvey – “Coda”
10. Chris Pureka – “Porch Songs”
11. Orla Fallon – “Down To The River To Pray”
12. Chatham County Line – “Wildwood”
13. The Littlest Birds – “Rain on the Roof”
14. Carrie Newcommer – “There Is a Tree”
15. Sam Lee – “The Jew’s Garden”
16. Joan Baez – “Since You’ve Asked”
17. Mosey West – “Old Stone”
18. Cheryl Wheeler – “Summer Fly”
19. Haunted Windchimes – “May”
20. Vienna Teng – “Lullaby for a Stormy Night”

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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