30 Days of Favorites (Colorado) Day 1: Mama Lenny and the Remedy

Next weekend is FoCoMX in Fort Collins, so this is a great day to start such a series.

Mama Lenny & the Remedy- Home Town: Fort Collins, Colorado Genre Range: R&B/Funk/Soul/Blues/Rock/Pop Websites: Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/mamalennyandtheremedy Official band website-http://www.mamalennyandtheremedy.com/ Today’s band in this category is one of my favorite R&B/soul/funk bands out of Colorado, Mama Lenny & the Remedy. ‘Mama Lenny’ herself is a very cool lady named Laniece, who looks like a quiet housewife but has a fantastic soul/blues voice and a personality to match. She also does have kids, as do the rest of the ladies in this band (there are 5 ladies and 3 lads, and on stage they all dress fancy in sequined party dresses and suits). No doubt in 15 years or so we’ll be seeing the kids of Mama Lenny & the Remedy coalescing into the next generation’s band, with their uber-talented proud parents looking on from the front row.

361I first saw this band at New West Fest in 2012, when they were the act right before the headliner, playing for the giant crowd that was gathered to see Alison Krauss & Union Station for the Saturday night headliner show. Many emerging acts would be overwhelmed by the thought of playing for such a huge crowd, and Laniece did look a bit pale and shaky from what I could see from my front row spot, but she and the band fed off the energy of their enthusiastic crowd and played an amazing show. They certainly have the talent and the great music to justify a huge screaming crowd. Back then they had just their debut album, though that is a 2-disc release, a lot more music than most bands release as a debut. Their second album came out a few months ago, another fantastic collection of originals with a few well-chosen covers mixed in.

Debut Album: Punches & Hugs (itunes- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/punches-and-hugs/id516981527) Second Release: Time, You’re Doing Fine (itunes-https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/time-youre-doin-fine/id805772237)

When I lived in Fort Collins this was one of the bands I made sure to catch every time they played a local show. Their recorded music is great, but their live shows are absolutely amazing. These 8 musicians are not just great songwriters and musicians, they are great entertainers. I have never yet attended one of their shows where they didn’t have their audience crowded up at the stage dancing and drinking in the music. They have played several festivals and events where the audience was there for other things and got drawn in to the music in spite of whatever they thought they wanted to do that evening. Even when they play on a weeknight during the school year, their shows get pretty close to sold out. If you or someone you know lives in Fort Collins, Mama Lenny and the Remedy will be playing for FoCoMX next weekend (April 26, Hodi’s Halfnote). They will also have shows coming up in Longmont, as well as a few shows in Wyoming and Nebraska. Check out their facebook page for regular show updates and other information.


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