Great Singer-Songwriters of Northern Colorado

570Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Justin Roth, John Mieras and Lara Ruggles came together tonight to play a show together, as in all 4 of them on stage all at the same. They sang harmonies for each other, played percussion and other supporting instruments, and introduced each other as they took turns playing their songs. I have seen ane met all 4 of these fantastically talented musicians before individually, and I already knew I was in for a treat. Danielle Ate the Sandwich has been one of my favorite singer-songwriters for years, even before I started Ravenmount, and I found Justin on spotify and was addicted to one of his songs before I met him the first time back in 2012. Lara and John both made appearances at the Avo’s Open Mic. Bringing them all together on one stage felt a bit like some of those BBC programs where they bring together music legends to create music together. Frankly, Northern Colorado is spoiled to have these people making music here.

492My favorite song of the night was probably Lara Ruggles “Never Not Broken”, which she said she wrote about the rough, money-poor lives musicians lead, but which I could also easily relate to as a broke music blogger. I love how she reframes this lifestyle as one which leaves you free to put yourself together in a million different ways.

402My second favorite song was Danielle’s new song, which she dedicated to me tonight on account of my emminent move (tomorrow). This new song is about moving to new places and about being a grown-up more generally. I always love her songs; she and I seem to have similar perspectives on a lot of things, so that her songs address the issues I am trying to work out, always with a vein of wisdom and a bit of well-appreciated recognition that the stuff I am struggling with is stuff she and other people also have faced and struggled with. I am less familiar with John’s music, and with the majority of Lara’s, so I was not singing along under my breath with every word of their songs tonight, but I wished I knew them well enough to.

All four of these musicians have fabulous albums available, which I will be posting about over the coming months, and Lara has a new album underway, the one her kickstarter made possible, so there will be new music from her later this year.


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