Top 5 Songs I Will Miss When I Leave FoCo

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Luke Callen of Von Stomper

I’m sure there will be lots of great music waiting for me in Pueblo, but there are a few songs in the Fort Collins music scene I am particularly going to miss. They are for the most part available online somewhere, of course, but I am so used to enjoying them live, where they are even more fantastic.

1. “Teklanika” by Winchester Holiday. Actually this song is available in a gorgeous version spliced together with “Joshua”, on the bandcamp page for the Whensday movie soundtrack ( but when they do this one live, I like singing along to the chorus. I can imagine when these lads become famous their audiences will be singing extra choruses while Dan holds out the microphone over the crowd.

2. “Cheap Guitar” by the Deadwood Saints. Another of my music scene friends, Cary Morin, covers this song now with his gorgeous new band the Young Ancients, but my favorite version is still the original, aka Jeremy Grant singing his own song, with his band the Deadwood Saints backing him up. This song shoulg be in the national country top 10, forever. (


Tyler T

3. “Take Me With You” by Tyler T. This song might be on the album Tyler is working on making now, which means it might be available at the end of this summer, but not yet. I’ll be in Tyler T. withdrawal anyway, but being without regular doses of this song will be painful. I do love another of his songs though, “A Place Called Home”, which is on his existing album and also on his reverbnation page (

4. “Sea Line Woman” by Von Stomper/ Luke Callen. These guys know I am addicted to their renditions of this traditional folk tune, but so far they have yet to put a good recording of it online. It’s title varies, as do the words, and some folks (Ollabelle, for example) have lyrics I like better, but nothing beats the energy Von Stomper gives this song. (Their reverbnation page: Von Stomper’s first album comes out April 4, 2014, and while it won’t have “Sea Line Woman” I’m still looking forward to hearing it.

5. “Dear Mr. Bankman” by Whitewater Ramble. This band is out of Boulder, so I don’t see them as often as I want to anyway, but they come up to Fort Collins every few months or so, and they always do this song. And I am always right there, in the front, singing along. It’s fast, but last time I didn’t miss a single word. (

Whitewater Ramble

Whitewater Ramble

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