Showcase Spotlight- Brooke Reiss/ Barbarosa

BarbarosaI was very excited to be able to have my dear friend Brooke Reiss play for my first music showcase this month. Even more exciting- she will be joined by her friend Jordan Twigg, and they will be playing as the new music act Barbarosa. They are fantastic, and sure to be a big hit in the area’s folk scene. I bugged Brooke with a few questions this week, and here is our mini-interview.

Ravenmount: When and how did you start out as a musician, playing in public?

Brooke: I started singing and playing guitar right around the time I turned twenty one. It was my New Year’s resolution of 2013 to play in public, so I started playing open mic at Avo’s.

Nice. Yeah, I think I was actually there taking my first set of open mic photos on your first or second night playing in public. You sounded great already back then, too.

You’ve been playing with Jordan lately. Are you guys forming a duo act together, maybe with a facebook page coming soon and a bandname? Tell me a bit about Jordan; how do you two know each other? 

Jordan and I call ourselves Barbarosa. We just created a facebook for our band; you can find us at Jordan and I met through mutual friends while I was working at the Red Table. He saw me play at a Black Mountain Ramble at the Wild Boar in November. He said he liked my voice and asked if I wanted to make some music with him. It has been evolving ever since! I’ve got the best bandmate in town!

Any plans for a studio recording in the upcoming year, an EP perhaps or a single?

We don’t have any solid plans for recording, but we are hoping to lay down a single or two to help us book shows for the spring and summer. We will be uploading some video on our facebook page very soon. The first thing on our agenda is to keep on writing. We want to double our material. We’ve got some exciting shows planned and are waiting to announce them til we know all the details. Needless to say, we are very thrilled to dip our toes in Fort Collins music scene.

Also needless to say, I am excited to see what comes next for Barbarosa. Fort Collins has some great new acts emerging right now, in folk and just in general. This seems like a great time for Fort Collins to check out some of its own amazing local music. If you want to hear Barbarosa, plus A Brother’s Fountain, Eric Cookman, Snake Oil Trio and Derek Blake, you should be at the Ravenmount Music Showcase March 31st (Avogadro’s Number, 7pm, $5, ALL AGES).

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