RIP George Donaldson (Feb 1, 1968 – Mar 12, 2014)

George Donaldson the first time I met him, in Denver (Nov 2012).

What a way to start a day! For the first hour or so after the news broke on George Donaldson’s website, Thunderheads and all the rest of his fans have been hoping that the sudden news of his passing was a hoax or a site-hack. Unfortunately this time it was no celebrity death hoax. Yesterday George Donaldson, the oldest member of the popular internationally touring group Celtic Thunder, died of a massive heart attack. George was just about 10 years older than I am, so certainly not old, and he was not outwardly ill, so his death was a sudden and unexpected shock for everyone.

For more information and messages from the rest of Celtic Thunder, check out the poignant new post on the Celtic Thunder website

[Updates: Colm Keegan posted the address for sympathy cards on facebook earlier today: 

Celtic Thunder Limited
Priory House
19 Priory Hall
Co Dublin

Also, (I don’t recall offhand whose suggestion this was, but..) one of the lads posted earlier today that in lieu of gifts, we might consider making a contribution to one of the charities George &/or Celtic Thunder supports, in his name.]

I had the pleasure of meeting George twice, most recently just this past November, and it is crazy to think he is dead now. What his death means for the future of Celtic Thunder is a question for another day. For now Celtic Thunderland is focusing on remembering George and supporting his family and the Celtic Thunder community through this terrible loss.





And, the very first video I ever saw of Celtic Thunder, the one that introduced me to this group and thus to George Donaldson… “Caledonia”.


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6 Responses to RIP George Donaldson (Feb 1, 1968 – Mar 12, 2014)

  1. Alison Jost says:

    Just learned of George’s passing and am so saddened shocked/ He was such a strong presence in the group. I can’t find the words!

  2. Toni Fox says:

    Celtic Thunder will not be the same without George. His voice was beautiful. God Bless.

  3. Sharon Cameron says:

    So upset to hear about George,just discovered Celtic Thunder last month@George was our favourite Glasgow guy,a talented singer,God b with his family@ Celtic Thunder xxx

  4. Anonymous says:

    RIP George

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Jamie says:

    Sorry to hear. He was one of my favorites from Celtic Thunder. RIP George. You will be greatly missed.

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