Showcase Spotlight- A Brother’s Fountain

A Brother's FountainOne night last fall I was walking between four different venues, taking photos of all of their bands, and on a street corner in between those venues I found myself drawn to a band playing for tips in the dark, with a cardboard sign labeling them as A Brother’s Fountain. A friend of mine was with them and backed my suggestion that they really ought to come play at an open mic at Avogadro’s Number soon, and to my surprise they actually did turn up at the next Avo’s open mic.

Since then they have become a favorite jam band for quite a few people in Fort Collins, playing a few gigs of their own and a few as the opening band for other bands. No doubt, if these guys keep on as they have been, they will be a Fort Collins scene favorite by next year.

I pestered one of the Fountain brothers recently with a few questions, as they will be one of the bands playing the Ravenmount Music Showcase March 31st (Avogadro’s Number, 7pm, $5). Justin Jacob Fountain and his brothers AJ and Josh are the fellows behind the band’s name. Here is my recent mini-interview with Justin.

When and how did you start out as a band, playing in public? How did A Brother’s Fountain start?

There are five of us in the band. Ryan Guillen (mandolin), Roel Calvillo (percussionist), AJ Fountain (back up guitar), Josh Fountain (bass), and myself (guitar). Ryan and I met through mutual friends back in 2011. We learned that we both played guitar and shared a passion for music. We started jamming together here and there and had a blast doing it. We soon fell in love with the sound we created. Ryan and I had been marinating the dream of moving in together and starting a band in Fort Collins since our first jam together years ago.

The dream came to reality this past August when we decided to pull the trigger on a lease agreement in Fort Collins. We invited our close friend Roel to sign the lease and join us in our musical journey. Roel had no percussion experience prior, but ever since we put a djembe drum in his hands he has taken on the role of being the heart beat of our music. Soon after our move to Fort Collins, Ryan discovered his connection with the mandolin and It didn’t take long for him to drop the guitar and put all his energy into the bright, little instrument.

My two brothers AJ and Josh hitched up with the band when they moved to Boulder in October. Like Roel, Josh also had no prior musical experience or skill, but has since decided to pick up the bass. He has greatly added depth to our sound with his simple yet elegant bass riffs. My older brother AJ and I have been jamming dual guitars from the time when we were young bucks. He was stoked when I told him that I was putting a band together. It didn’t take much convincing to get him in on the dream.

None of us really knew how to go about starting a band so we have taken on the music world with a “trial by fire” approach. We started by simply projecting our sound on the streets of Old Town Fort Collins. Our go-to spot was on the Southeast corner of the College and Mountain intersection. From the streets to open mic’s to small venues; we have received a warm welcome to the Fort Collins music network from the plethora of local music supporters.

Do you guys plan to release any albums, EPs or singles in the near future? What do you hope will be your band’s future for the remainder of 2014?

We have a single available to the public via Sound Cloud. The song is called Little Boy Wake Up. (Click here to check out “Little Boy Wake Up” on Soundcloud.)We are currently working on a full album. We hope to simply keep the train going with a tighter, more polished sound as we progress. We are still a band in its adolescence, but it has been an incredible journey turning our dream into a reality. We are having a blast learning and growing together as a band.

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