Mini-Interview with Erin Cookman


Erin Cookman

I had a chance recently to ask Erin Cookman a bit more about herself. Erin is one of the amazingly talented local musicians who will be playing as part of the Ravenmount Music Showcase on March 31st. She is one of the super-cool folks in our punk scene, with gorgeous multi-colored hair and a pet pig, and I am really looking forward to her set at the end of the month for the Showcase.

ME: When and how did you start out as a musician, playing in public?

Erin: I guess the first time I played publicly was at my junior high talent show in 7th grade, but I’ve been singing since I can remember. After I got over wanting to be a princess I just wanted to be a singer instead, haha. As far as guitar goes, my Uncle showed me how to play a couple songs and my mom got me a guitar and some lessons to begin with and it just grew from there.

I’m sure a lot of us started out wanting to be princesses, a worthy, if impractical goal. I’m sure most parents would be skeptical, but guitars and singing seem at least somewhat more worthy goals.

Do you recall the first songs you learned on your first guitar? 

Some of the first songs I learned on guitar were: ‘Rockin Robin’ by Bobby Day, and ‘When I Come Around’ by Greenday (which I played for my first ever talent show).

Nice. So, who are some of your musical influences for your own music now?

As far as influences for my own music, I really like The Distillers, The Vandals, Marcy Playground, The Gaslight Anthem, Greenday, Streetlight Manifesto and many, many others. I appreciate them for their (respective) lyrical capabilities, emotional drive while performing, intelligence, passion, talent, endurance, etc. I believe I have elements of these things in my musical career based, in part, on the things I take away while listening to these bands.

I’m familiar with a few of those bands. I think The Gaslight Anthem is one of the bands I included on this week’s songlist, actually. Now to my favorite question.. Who are some of your favorite local (Colorado) musicians/bands?

I have a lot of friends in the music scene here in Colorado and many outside of it that I truly enjoy listening to. I like Widow’s Bane, Blind Man Deaf Boy, Andrew Steiner, Chantal Sage, my punk band Drunk Diggery, etc.

Very cool. I’m a big fan of Widow’s Band too, but I hadn’t heard of most of the others you mentioned. I’ll have to add the rest to my radar and check them out soon.

Last, but certainly not least… As a solo artist, have you released any albums, EPs or singles so far?

I have 3 c.ds currently and I’m about to release a compilation album with a band based out of Chicago called ‘The Suburbanists’ I mainly only hand out the newest release I’ve done (Ha Ha Ha) because the recording quality is better and the guitar has evolved more.

Thanks Erin! 

Erin Cookman will be playing a show in Denver at Herman’s Hideaway March 26th (7pm, 21+, $2 suggested donation) and she will be at Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins on March 31st for the first Ravenmount Music Showcase (7pm, all ages, $5). Check out her facebook page for regular updates about more upcoming shows.

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  1. So, I heard Erin Cookman at Avo’s last night (March 31st, 2014) and she was, as you say, amazing. Her last song (I’ll know it soon when I post the video) was one of the best I’ve heard. Reminded me a lot of Phil Ochs except with that punk energy, but still very melodic and with complexities (like in Och’s stuff).

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