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Katie Gray | Love Like FireBest way to stay positive amidst cripplingly scary money woes- listen to new music and share more really great music with everyone who reads my blog. A nice bottle of whiskey and a terminal swim in the reservoir sound pretty much like the best option I have left right now (and yeah, my psychologist side says that’s a stupid, unhealthy notion), but there’s a lot of music out there for just such times as these. One of the artists I checked out through spotify’s ‘discover’ tool today really hit the spot, Katie Gray.

Katie is a lovely artist living now in California, though according to her bio on her website, she did live in Colorado for a while, as well as Texas and Washington. She has a project now called Sea Stars, which has more recent albums I’ll have to check out too. Katie Gray has been around for a couple years now, but she is new to me. Katie’s 2011 album Love Like Fire is one of my new favorite albums. This lady’s voice reminds me very much of Alison Krauss, and her songs remind me of Carly Simon. She sings a lot of songs about hope and finding new strength and making it through tough times, just the sorts of themes that might ring a bit hollow right now with how little I have left and how impossible it seems to be for me to make it all the way to my birthday at the end of this month, let alone past it. Katie’s songs, though, tend to acknowledge this deadening, defeating hopelessness and find ways out of it.

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