March Daily Book Challenge

Have you ever tried reading one entire book every day for a week? How about a month? Well…

To my great pleasure, the return of books as a regular topic to Ravenmount (this was originally a books blog before it began to cover music at all) has been well received by all of the readers I have talked to throughout February. The weather keeps turning to snow every week, sometimes several different storms in one week – last winter it only snowed here maybe 3-4 times all winter- my knees are killing me from walking to and from venues in the snow and ice, and so I spend a bit less time out at shows than I would wish. Never fear, music is always going to be a primary focus on Ravenmount, but while the weather keeps thwarting all my grand plans to cover more shows further from my apartment, March will be bringing you a month-long books project here on Ravenmount (I will still be posting at least a couple music posts per week, too).

Every year my sisters and brother and I keep track of our reading, the goal being to be the sibling to read the most books for the year. So far in 2014 I have only read 33 books, and my littlest sister is soundly beating me, a fact that cannot be allowed to continue, if only because I am tarnishing the vaulted status of ‘oldest’ every week my tally remains inferior to hers. March is freezing cold, and even in dry years March is always when we get our last big nasty snow storm. This seems like the perfect time to read a book a day, and since I know I have a lot of friends and readers who want to hear about books they might like to read, Ravenmount will be home to a whole month of daily reading journals. At home, I will be reading one book each day, and whenever I get online I’ll be posting the latest reading journal entries. When I am not writing Ravenmount posts I am writing a memoir, sci-fi stories and a philosophy book, elements I’ve so far kept apart from Ravenmount, but as someone kindly pointed out while reviewing my blog recently, Ravenmount has gotten awfully journalistic and dry lately, and maybe some of the other stuff I am writing might benefit Ravenmount if it bled into this blog a bit.

One of my other projects this year is gathering all the blogs, facebook pages and other internet resources for the Fort Collins and Colorado arts scenes that already hum almost invisibly online. There are many people in this area who keep at least hobbyist blogs about music and arts stuff they enjoy, and collectively these people, along with Ravenmount, probably do cover most of the best music and arts events in Fort Collins. If you have a music blog, arts blog, or some other related site, please feel free to leave a comment on this post with the link to your site and some information about it. And, if you are on facebook, check out Ravenmount on facebook, where the focus has always been and always will be on music.


About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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2 Responses to March Daily Book Challenge

  1. Happy to find your blog! While my own writing focus is largely on food, I’ve started offering fiction and nonfiction book giveaways. In crafting reviews and discussing books, I am happy to learn from folks who have been at this longer than I! 🙂

    • Ravenmount says:

      Thanks for your note 🙂 There is certainly an art to book reviews, one I am still miles away from mastering. Books seem to be one of those things, though, that most blog communities enjoy talking about, off-topic or not. Many people who listen to music (or in the case of your blog, people who eat food) also like to read books.

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