March Calendar Highlights, Week 1

The first week of every month is a bit crazy. Everyone plans their recurring events on the ‘first Monday’, ‘first Friday’, etc. so there is always something going on every night of the first 7 days of every month. Here are a few music/entertainment events in Fort Collins for your calendars.

Tuesday, March 4- Balloon Animals workshop (Avogadro’s Number 6pm); Avo’s Open Mic (Avogadro’s Number, sign-up 7pm, music starts ~8pm) – If you want a change of pace this week, consider doing a balloon-animal workshop, taught by local radio personality/comedian Mutt Rogers. He will be hosting the open mic afterward as well. Learn to make balloon animals, get some dinner, and then enjoy the variety of local talent that comes by every week for the regular open mics.

Thursday, March 6- Black Mountain Ramble (Wild Boar Coffee 7pm, FREE) – This month’s ‘Ramble’ features Dee Tyler, better known as one of the talented folks of Patti Fisaco, along with music from Wolf van Elfmand and several other talented Colorado musicians. Game Show Dead Jam (Avogadro’s Number 9pm, FREE); The Symbols at the Mainline (9pm, FREE)

Friday, March 7- Winchester Holiday and Ark Life at Road 34 (9pm, $5, 21+) – I may be missing Winchester Holiday at FoCoMX this year, since they play at the same time as another band I actually do need photos of, but they are still one of my top 5 favorite bands. Ark Life is also supposed to be very good.

Das Wunder Band at Equinox Brewing Co (7pm, FREE) – Elise Wunder is back on the stage with her lovely bluesy rock band Das Wunder Band for her first show after her recent surgery. If you like blues, soul or blues rock this is a great place to be Friday evening.

Saturday, March 8- Aspen Hourglass with Savage Cabbage and Red Room Rendezvous at the Aggie Theatre (8pm, tickets $5 presale (21+) / $8 (under 21) and $10 (21+) / $12 (under 21) day of show) – this is the rescheduled show that was originally planned for January, and Savage Cabbage is the excellent young band that won the contest to open for this show. Ravenmount is one of the local entities supporting this show, and as such I will be there taking lots of concert photos of Savage Cabbage and the other bands at this show.


About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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