FoCoMX6 previews- Rich With Friends

034I am at the moment enjoying the tail end of a live Rich With Friends show, so it seems fitting that the first of my posts on the bands in the FoCoMX-6 lineup is Rich With Friends. These 4 brilliantly talented people make up one of my favorite local bands, and their set at Cranknstein (10:30pm Friday, April 25th) for FoCoMX-6 this April is sure to be fantastic. Here are a few videos of this amazing band in action. There are no videos yet of them singing the gorgeous 4-part harmonized Swing Low Sweet Chariot that I am enjoying right now, so you’ll have to catch them live for that one.

Rich With Friends will be playing at Avogadro’s Number on March 15th, at Odell’s on March 19th, and at Road 34 on March 21st. Check them out on facebook for more information about this band and their upcoming shows.

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