A Book A Day #14 – 27 – The Wheel of Time series

Robert Jordan The Eye of the WorldHere are books # 14- 27. Cheating? Yeah, maybe, but it has been a few days since I posted a book. Here is a whole long series of books, which I have not yet finished. For many people this series could take a whole year or more to finish, so what takes up just one blog-post could theoretically keep you, dear reader, occupied for at least a few days.

Robert Jordan, also the author of a few great Conan the Barbarian books, published the first of his Wheel of Time books in 1990 and published 12 books in this series before his death (counting the prequel). In the years since Robert Jordan died, a new author was found to continue the story to its planned end, a project which took three more books. I have yet to read the last three books (but they are on my list to read this year). The entire series is 11,916pgs long, a considerable undertaking even for the serious reader, but the books are well paced and I find they go very quickly compared to many other shorter books.

Book 1: The Eye of the World (782pgs) – This book is probably still my favorite, while the characters are all fairly young and innocent and the many faces of evil at work in the world remain mostly unrecognized.

Book 2: The Great Hunt (681pgs)

Book 3: The Dragon Reborn (674pgs)

Book 4: The Shadow Rising (1001pgs)

Robert Jordan The Fires of HeavenBook 5: The Fires of Heaven (963pgs) – This is my second-favorite book in the series. I really liked the Aiel, and this book focuses a lot on them.

Book 6: Lord of Chaos (987pgs)

Book 7: A Crown of Swords (855pgs)

Book 8: The Path of Daggers (682pgs)

Book 9: Winter’s Heart (766pgs)

Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight (822pgs)

Book 11: Knife of Dreams (837pgs)

Books 12-14: The Gathering Storm (766pgs), Towers of Midnight (864pgs), A Memory of Light (912pgs) – These are the ones I still need to read. They are all written by Brandon Sanderson, but off of notes left by Robert Jordan before his death.

Prequel: New Spring (334pgs) – My least favorite book, and not necessary, in my opinion, to understand the rest of the story.


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