Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: Feb 22

It’s been a little while since the last one of these songlist posts. There are over 1000 songs already on past songlists, so I’m sure most of my readers have not yet heard most of those songs, but it is high time for a new songlist. Here are 20 songs, weighted towards the Fort Collins music scene, including local FoCo bands and bands that have played here recently. Which of these are your favorites? What great songs have you come across lately?

The List:

1. Matthew Santos (Quickly Disappearing)- “History of Ice” – It’s been cold and icy and gross here enough that a few songs about coldand ice had to be on this list.

2. Ambassador Wolf (Tracks In the Woods – EP)– “Northern Rivers (Byron Bay)” – A Brother’s Fountain, who will be playing at my first Ravenmount Music Showcase in late March, is opening for Ambassador Wolf at Tap & Handle near the beginning of March. So, while I haven’t seen them since they were at the Aggie a few months ago, I’ll probably see Ambassador Wolf in just a few weeks.

3. Sam Lee (Ground of Its Own)- “My Ausheen” 

4. Places (Where We Are Right Now)- “Underneath Me” – Places is on my wishlist this year- they have not played in Fort Collins for far too long. We have some great pop-rock bands here, but none that quite make up for Places being in Denver, not here.

5. Christopher Jak (Folk EP)- “Closer Tonight” –  I haven’t heard anything from Chris and not much from his music-buddy Tara Keith, but these two are always working hard on something. Last I saw on facebook, their country band was playing in Hollywood, and there was something about studio recordings. Keep your eyes out for mentions of these two amazing musicians and their lovely, uber-talented band Southbound Honey.

6. Metisse (Nomah’s Land)- “Lover’s Game” 

7. Kris Lager Band (The Mighty Quinn)- “If That Sun Don’t Shine” –  I saw these guys just this weekend, and they were (as always) amazing. I was planning to catch a few minutes of their show, take a few photos, and go home early to nurse a headache, sore face (I accidentally dropped a book on my face earlier that day) and stomach ache. Instead I found myself leaving only after the last song of the night, well past 1:30am. The energy and musical gorgeousness of this band’s shows makes them impossible for me to leave their shows early. I was exhausted when I got home, but it was so worth it!

8. Mama Lenny and the Remedy (Time, You’re Doin’ Fine)- “In Danger” – This was my #1 favorite song at the past few Mama Lenny shows I’ve caught. It’s always a huge treat live, and the studio version actually captures a lot of the cute details that make this one so fantastic on stage.

9. Celtic Woman (A New Journey) – “Lascia Ch’io Pianga” 

10. We Are the Birdcage (Little Father Time)- “Lonely Stones” 

11. Elephant Revival (These Changing Skies)- “Remembering A Beginning” – Elephant Revival was in Fort Collins for two nights in a row this weekend, both packed shows, at the Aggie Theatre. I missed these shows, but many of my friends made up for my absence. This is one of those bands Colorado is lucky to have as part of our music scene heritage.

12. Four Leaf Peat (Four Leaf Peat)- “Follow Me Up to Carlow” 

13. James and the Devil (Sample This (Live))- “Jekyll” – This Denver band is playing at Hodi’s Halfnote tonight, along with Wasteland Hop and the excellent country rock band Deadwood Saints. I wish I had the energy to be out at this show- James and the Devil played a fantastic set at Fortoberfest last season and are sure to put on a great show tonight. 

14. Hannah & Maggie (Muscle & Bone)- “The Room Fiddler” – Hannah & Maggie will be playing a CD release show tonight that will be viewable on stageit for all their distant fans. I look forward to hearing their new songs; these two ladies are one of my favorite acts that I found on spotify so far this year.

15. Rising Appalachia (Leah and Chloe)- “Ain’t Gonna Work” 

16. Patti Fiasco (Small Town Lights)- “Shake” – Kris Lager and I were just talking about Patti Fiasco, so I threw in another of my favorites from their new album this week. Alysia Kraft is currently touring around with Staci Foster as Whippoorwill, after a relatively warm winter break spent in Texas, so Patti Fiasco is not playing local shows till Alysia returns to Fort Collins, but in the meantime this latest Patti Fiasco album is still one of my favorites to unwind to when I am not busy browsing for new music.

17. Grainne Holland (Teanga na nGael)- “Uiseag Bheag Ruaidh” – My friends who play in Irish bands are reviewing their songs now, getting ready for St. Paddy’s Day weekend, so I am sympathetically adding a few more Celtic tunes to my blog, including a few Celtic tunes on this list.

18. Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy (Hatchetations)- “Tower Hill” – This band also came up in conversation today, and in addition the band that opened for Kris Lager Band, the Old Time Remedy, reminded me a bit of Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy. 

19. The High Kings (The High Kings)– “Galway to Graceland” 

20. Danielle Ate the Sandwich (Things People Do)– “Bribes” – Danielle will be in Fort Collins in a few weeks, playing a show at Avogadro’s Number. The opener for her show played at the Avo’s Open Mic a few weeks ago and was excellent, so I am particularly looking forward to that show.

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