In Brief: Yum Yum’s This Week

One of the emerging venues on the Fort Collins entertainment scene is Yum Yum’s, on West Elizabeth, just west of McDonalds. Yum Yum’s has had live music, karaoke and other events for years, but they are working to put themselves more firmly on the entertainment map lately.

On Wednesdays Yum Yum’s hosts a comedy open mic night with a cash prize every month for the best comedian. Starting this weekend Yum Yum’s will also be hosting a music open mic on Saturdays from 8-10pm, possibly also with a small cash prize involved for the best set.

In addition to these weekly events, Yum Yum’s will also be hosting a show from Derek Blake, one of the excellent singer-songwriters who played at the Singer-Songwriter Showcase at Avogadro’s Number this month. Derek’s show starts at 9pm Friday. Check out the facebook event page for more info on his show. If you love hanging out and enjoying live music, but hate travelling all the way downtown to catch shows in Old Town or all the way across campus to Avogadro’s Number or the Wild Boar, you may want to check out YumYums this week.


Derek Blake

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