Singer-Songwriter Showcase – Eric Bjella

419Eric Bjella (pronounced bee-eh-la) is a fantastic songwriter, not flashy and not banking on sex-appeal, but writing amazing songs and performing them with an an excellent singing voice. Think Billy Joel, but with a guitar instead of a piano, perhaps, or Fort Collins’ version of Paul Simon. Fort Collins is lucky to have this guy, really. I have seen him perform just often enough to know his songs, and I have a hard time remembering that his originals are in fact not covers of great classic songs, because they sound like the sort of songs singers love to cover. One of these days someone from L.A. or New York or Nashville will catch one of Eric’s shows and we’ll all be wishing we had the foresight to get Eric’s autograph before he became famous.

Eric is working on a full-length studio album that will be released fairly soon, but in the meantime, he has an EP available on bandcamp, called A Point and a Line. The first song on this EP is one of my favorites from his live shows, though having seen him again this week at Avogadro’s Number, a few of his newer songs may be edging towards the top of my favorites list. If you want to hear Eric play live, he will be playing a show on March 11th at Cranknstein, a show that will also feature Britton Deuel. 

A Point and a Line EP cover art

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