FoCo Future Country Superstars – Tara Keith, Matt Skinner

Tara Keith with Southbound Honey at NWF

Tara Keith with Southbound Honey at New West Fest

Tara Keith

Tara relocated to Fort Collins a year or two ago and has since put together a fantastic new country band, Southbound Honey, which performed at the last New West Fest. She and Christopher Jak (also in Southbound Honey) have been sharing stages for a while, and if they keep at it just a while longer, they may easily be among the artists that put Fort Collins on the national map for great new Country music. I vaguely recall hearing something about that Tara was recording in a studio over the past few months (don’t quote me on this one just yet) so hopefully there will be new studio recordings available and maybe a few professionally recorded videos of this lovely lady.

Matt Skinner at Finspiration 2

Matt Skinner at Finspiration 2

Matt Skinner

Matt is another artist we have borrowed/stolen/enticed away from elsewhere. He has been doing Country music professionally for a while now, and has that super-star polish when he performs that makes me wonder what he is doing out here in Fort Collins. Then again, from everything I have heard about the Nashville scene, it might be easier on the nerves living in a smaller, friendlier scene like ours. Whatever his reasons for being here, Matt is one Country star Fort Collins should be thrilled to have, for however long he stays with us (forever? one can only hope).

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