A Book A Day #4 – Chaos, by Gleick

Chaos, by James Gleick

File:Chaos Gleick OReB.jpgHere is the one book I found most inspiring during high school, not Atlas Shrugged (though that book was very influential for me then too), not a book on religion or philosophy, and not a work of fiction. Chaos brought together all the many fields I was interested in as a teenager, and pulled them all into one subject. As an adult I have read many more books on chaos theory, complexity and emergence, dynamic patterns that physical, biological and social systems all share. The math is complicated, but Gleick’s book is written so that non-scientists and non-mathematicians can understand these lovely patterns and powerful ideas. Chaos theory in its abstract form contributes to understanding the weather, political campaigns, galaxy formation, war, and any other complex system. Chaos theory may also be useful as a framework for understanding the emergence of schizophrenia in an individual, the spread of disease through a species, and the location of new active volcanoes along an active fault.

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