FoCo Rocks – Shatterproof, Post Paradise, etc.

I know a lot of my friends will be at Hodi’s Halfnote tonight for a great rock show featuring local SpokesBUZZ bands Post Paradise and Shatterproof. Tonight’s show also serves as a super-cool birthday party for Post Paradise’s lead singer Nick Duarte.

Shatterproof is one of Fort Collins’ younger bands, in terms of band-member ages. These lads are all easily as worthy of heartthrob status as the fellows of One Direction, but the Shatterproof lads are so much more accessible.  Here they are in a video created by Hyphytek, from the SpokesBUZZ CD release party in December. They all wore Christmas sweaters for this show (also at Hodi’s), a mistake they sweated through and will no doubt not make again.

Post Paradise is one of our most promising emerging rock bands, with great music, a luscious light show and a very appealing stage presence. They have some brand new posters available for sale tonight, which I have not yet seen except in preview pics on facebook, artistic layered photos in brilliant color that would look really cool on my walls, especially signed with a silver Sharpie by the band. If i had the money and didn’t have this headache (headaches and rock concerts don’t mix well) I’d be at Hodi’s tonight myself to wish Nick a happy birthday in person and buy a set of their gorgeous new posters for my apartment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICK!!!

Title track off Post Paradise’s album Digging Secrets

Official Music Video for “What You Made Me” with all their pretty lights (actually they have a few more lights now than they had when they made this video).

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