In Brief: Chad Golda and Black Mountain Ramble

Chad Golda reminds me of some of the more modern, experimental artists I used to know in art school, only his art includes music. He is a sound-enthusiast, exploring the wide range of ‘normal’ music, plus all sorts of fringes- spoken-word, performance art, and whatever else he dreams up. He would be a perfect artist to book for a museum of modern art opening show, as his work would fit in well with rooms of mixed media, kinetic sculptures, and all the other boundary-testing work that appears in such spaces.

He hosts a fantastic monthly music showcase at the Wild Boar coffee-house, Black Mountain Ramble, which occurs on the first Thursday of each month (tonight’s was quite good, despite the miserable cold). I missed Chad’s set at this event tonight (my ride was leaving early, and I really didn’t want to walk home with the weather already hoovering below -5 F) but I caught his set earlier this week at the Avo’s Open Mic at Avogadro’s Number on Tuesday. His performance caught some of his audience off-guard on Tuesday, but he managed to have his audience singing along  to one of his songs enough that he could leave the mic and wander around the stage adding percussive beats with his guitar for a few measures. Anyone who has been to an open mic knows what a feat that was, getting a bunch of cold, apathetic strangers to sing a song they don’t know. I was impressed.

If you missed the show tonight at the Wild Boar (I wouldn’t blame you for staying in- it was VERY cold tonight), check out the Denver band Hatch the Bird, who played the opening slot tonight. If you like the Civil Wars or Little Big Town, you will probably like Hatch the Bird. The other acts tonight, besides Chad Golda, were Fall River Road (one of my favorite local folk acts; they have a brand new facebook page they just created tonight) and the terrific singer-songwriter Eric Bjella.

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