In My CD-Player Now

I don’t listen to CDs as much as I used to. My computer has no internal disc drives, so it is just easier to listen to music online when I am out. But, I do still own 2 boxes-worth of CDs, and this year I am listening to all of them, so I can weed out the ones I don’t need to box up next moving-day. I lot of music journalists post regularly about what albums they are currently playing, so I figure I might join the club. So…

This weekend’s CDs, so far-

Wasteland Hop, Morph

The Patti Fiasco, Small Town Lights

Faceman, Talk, Talk, Talk

Rich With Friends EP

The Sunshine House EP

The High Kings, self titled debut album

Fox & Hound, Communications

Leon Redbone, On the Track

Roger Taylor, Happiness?

Out of these, only the last 2 went on the ‘discard’ pile. I liked Roger Taylor’s music a lot more back in high school and in my early 20’s, but it isn’t nearly as compelling as it used to be for me. Leon Redbone’s music is still cool, and I may wind up keeping the albums I have of his, but at least for now, I think I am too used to knowing the people who make my music, and maybe just the fact that Roger Taylor and Leon Redbone are both distant celebrities I will probably never meet makes their music less potent for me now. Crazy, I know, but I think Roger at least might understand a little.

Well, I’ll check in again soon with the next installment of “In My CD-Player Now”. In the meantime, Happy Listening!

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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