Musings on the Music World Rat-Race

One of the biggest challenges for me, in my fairly new life as a music blogger (besides figuring out how to get paid for the work I am doing) is that the music industry, and the local music scene along with it, must always progress. Great music, like great books or great art, doesn’t just fade away, so the mass of available music is huge and always increasing, and even with only focusing on the newest releases and freshest bands and artists, no one person could cover all of it.

Musicians often struggle with a corollary to this same industry challenge, because most of the people they wish to attract as fans are only really aware of the new, fresh music in any music scene. Radio stations and other entities that promote artists and their music want new music, not music the artists have already been promoting and touring for years. For both listeners and musicians, there never seems to be much space in the industry for just settling in and enjoying the music we already know we love. If fans weren’t interested in new music, how would musicians make money once everyone already owned a copy of their existing record?

Well, for better or worse, the system we have is pretty well-established, and makes sense enough. This week’s songlist, which will be posted later this weekend, has plenty of music on it that is new to me, and probably new to many of my fans, readers and followers. And, over the next week I will be reviewing several new albums from artists in the Fort Collins music scene. But, as a small measure towards keeping my own sanity and appreciating what I have, as well as what I have yet to discover, I am also listening to several CDs from my collection every day, a nice mix of music I have known since high school and music friends have given me over the past months. By the end of this year, possibly much sooner (I don’t own that many CDs), I’ll have actually played every CD I own.

The next 5 discs in my queue for this weekend:

Kate Graves – Long Night

The Kris Lager Band – Swagadocious

Queen – A Night at the Opera

Leon Redbone – On the Track

Roger Taylor – Happiness?

What are you listening to right now? This weekend?

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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