Welcome to 2014 (In Brief)

We all made it to 2014 (yay!) and are well on our way to breaking all our New Year’s resolutions, one by one, or all at once for some folks. The exciting culmination to the Aspen Hourglass band competition, the Aggie show on January 4th (this Saturday) with the winning band opening the show, has been postponed, but there are lots of other music and entertainment options this weekend.

I have one more day of ‘family stuff’ before I am again free to stay out all night at the many live music shows in Fort Collins, so I may not make it out tonight to what I hoped would be show #1 of 2014 for me-

Black Mountain Ramble, tonight (2 Jan 2014), at Wild Boar Coffee, on College (next to the trial garden, ~1 block north of Prospect), 7-10pm, free. Luke Callen and members of Von Stomper will be playing a set, and Matt Skinner will be one of the special guests for this one. The show is free.

As I said, I would be there, but I doubt my houseguest and my roommate will want to go out tonight. But, starting tomorrow night I will be back out with my camera. If I had to guess I’d say I’ll be in Old Town tomorrow night, for the Old Town first Friday events at Bizarre Bazaar, the Artery and whatever other venues I can squeeze into my plans. Saturday night Tyler T. opens for Maxwell Hughes at Avogadro’s Number, and one of Maxwell’s former bandmates from the Lumineers will be joining him. So, my year will be starting out well.

What shows are you starting out with for 2014?

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