Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: Dec 29

The year is almost over, and here is the last Ravenmount 20-song playlist for 2013. These lists will continue until Ravenmount is no more, or until I run out of music to list, so hopefully these will continue forever. Next year I will be adding a few ‘radio playlists’ to my spotify account, and no doubt the formats on these lists may change as I learn new wordpress tricks. If you haven’t tried spotify yet, you really owe it to yourself to do so- it is free, the ads are getting a bit better (less whiny and annoying), and the ability to surf the spotify music catalog and listen to all your favorite songs for free is potentially life-changing (well, maybe not that hugely amazing, but it is a cool service). It only costs ~$10/month to listen ad-free and be able to save and listen to playlists offline, so for less than the cost of a single album you can have access to thousands of albums and artists. (No, they don’t pay me,though maybe they ought to. I just really like this music technology, and it is more likely to survive if more people adopt it.) Anyway, here’s this week’s list.

The List:

1.Bananarama (The Very Best of Bananarama)- “It Ain’t What You Do It’s the Way That You Do It” – It’s been a while since Bananarama graced these playlists, so this week they are back with a song worthy of a New Year’s Eve conga line.

2. The Chieftains, The Decemberists (Voice of Ages)– “When The Ship Comes In” 

3. The Police (The Very Best of Sting and the Police)- “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”  

4. Regina Spektor (What We Saw from the Cheap Seats)- “The Prayer of Francois Villon [Molitva]” – Here’s another artist who hasn’t been featured on here for a while. And, since there have not been so many non-English songs lately, the one I picked from Regina is in Russian this time.

5. Fiach (So I)- “Wake Up Dead” –  I did include this song in its Gaelic version on an earlier playlist, but here this week is the English version.

6. Peter, Paul & Mary (The Very Best of Peter, Paul & Mary)- “Early Morning Rain” 

7. Malachi Cush (Timeless Traditions)- “The Wild Goose” 

8. Megson (Take Yourself a Wife)- “O Mary Will You Go” 

9.Matthew Santos (This Burning Ship of Fools) – “December’s Ghost” 

10. Savage Garden (Savage Garden)- “Carry on Dancing” 

11. Grazyna Auguscik, Paulinho Garcia (Personal Selection)- “Gdy Wybierac Jeszcze Moglam” – I included yet another non-English song this week, in Polish, I think, though I may be wrong. (The title looks Polish to me.) I’ve been on a Scandinavian kick lately, after reading a history book on early Scandinavian history, one which included several people I know are way back at the roots of my genealogical tree. I have yet to find many Swedish, Norwegian or Danish artists I like on spotify, but Poland is close enough for this week’s list. Beware- if this kick lasts very long there may be a lot more Northern European music on next year’s lists.

12. The Monkees (The Best of the Monkees)- “Daydream Believer” – Two weeks ago at the last Avo’s open mic of 2013, the Monkees came up as a topic of conversation after someone covered a song which was originally a B-side Monkees song and was picked up by someone else. In the course of the Internet inquiries connected with that conversation I picked out a song for the next playlist, one of my favorites from the Monkees.

13. Fierce Bad Rabbit (The Maestro and the Elephant)– “Time Machine” 

14. Christopher Jak (The New Nostalgia)- “Me and Myself” – There are no liner notes on spotify albums, and hardly any liner notes on modern CD albums for that matter, so I can’t be sure without asking, which I haven’t yet, but if I had ti guess I’d say the female vocals on this track are supplied by Tara Keith. It sounds like her, anyway, and she and Christopher Jak do perform together a lot. Hopefully in 2014 there will be a Tara Keith album/EP on spotify, or an album from Tara’s band Southbound Honey, so I can include some of her music on these lists.

15. Mumford & Sons (Sigh No More)- “Little Lion Man”  

16. Queen (Innuendo)- “The Show Must Go On” 

17. Rachel Brooke (Down In the Barnyard)- “How Cold” – I had to add a country song by a great country singer I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Rachel Brooke is from Michigan, but she played a show here in June. While everyone is bemoaning the sad state of mainstream country music, there really is still some great country music out there, even if it isn’t charting nationally on the mainstream country charts. 

18. Celtic Thunder (It’s Entertainment!)- “I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” 

19. K (Yuddham Sei)– “Chaos [Order] Theme” 

20. Steeleye Span (A Parcel of Steeleye Span)– “Gaudete” – This song seems like a great chant to lead us out of 2013 and into 2014.  

Fierce Bad Rabbit at Hodi's Halfnote

Fierce Bad Rabbit at Hodi’s Halfnote

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    I’m planning on moving back to Denver. Would you give my stuff a listen?

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