News and Notes 12/9/2013- Aggie, Avo’s, Hodi’s

Monday, 12/9/2013

There is a lot of great live music in the Fort Collins area this week. A lot of it is at the Aggie Theatre, one of the few venues I can’t yet get into without buying a ticket or getting myself on the guest list through the artists. So, I may not be at all of the fantastic shows at the Aggie this week, but all my dear readers who are not broke music-bloggers should consider adding these shows to their plans.

Thursday, December 12th

FBR at Hodi'sFierce Bad Rabbit, with Inner Oceans and Wiredogs, at the Aggie Theatre, $10 at the door. doors open at 8pm. Fierce Bad Rabbit is one of my favorite local alternative rock bands, and after their stellar performance on the first night of New West Fest back in August, they ought to have quite a few fans in town to pack the Aggie. And, it is supposed to be warming up this week, just a tad.

Friday, December 13th

WH in Old TownYou Me & Apollo, with Shady Elders and Winchester Holiday, at the Aggie Theatre, $10 at the door. doors open at 8pm. If I buy a ticket to a show this month (something I absolutely cannot afford, and probably shouldn’t be doing anyway on principle if I am also working taking photos at the show) this might be the show I cave and buy a ticket to. I am still absolutely addicted to that Winchester Holiday track off the Whensday soundtrack. I was talking with a friend last week about how I really do try to not be a ‘fan’ of bands and artists, since it would be exhausting thinking of all the people I hang out with as celebrities. But, I must admit there are a few local bands I am a fan of anyway, and Winchester Holiday is one of those bands.

Saturday, December 14th

643SHEL, with Post Paradise and Rob Drabkin, at the Aggie Theatre, $12 at the door. doors open at 8pm. Speaking of bands I am a fan of, SHEL will be back for their last local show of the year this Saturday. They will be joined by one of my other favorite local bands, Post Paradise. Frankly if I could attend all 3 of these shows at the Aggie, seeing full sets from Fierce Bad Rabbit, Winchester Holiday, You Me & Apollo, SHEL and Post Paradise in just 3 days would leave me in a music high that might take a few days to wear off. SHEL has been getting noticed nationally on country music TV channels, and is moving up in the world. Post Paradise ought to be headed towards fame and fortune as well, with their gorgeous light displays and sexy electric cello.

As I mentioned, I may not be at these shows- I don’t have $32 to spend on these 3 shows, so I will probably escape the music-induced coma this line-up might cause- but for those who know where their groceries will be coming from this month, $32 is a tiny fraction of what these 3 shows could cost when these bands receive the national recognition they deserve.

Other Venues

For those not going to the Aggie this week/weekend (the Aggie is not such a great spot, unfortunately, if you are under 21 or wish to sit at a table with your beverages) there is great music elsewhere too.

My over-wintering semi-hibernation venue (where I hang out when it is too cold to walk to Old Town as often) is Avogadro’s Number, and they have some shows worth checking out this week.

536Thursday is Wasteland Hop, a hip hip/pop band that had the distinction of opening for Mackelmore when he was at CSU this fall. As I mentioned on a recent podcast, I am not generally a fan of hip hop, but there are exceptions and Wasteland Hop is one of them (Qbala being the other exception I know of at the moment). Tickets are $5 for Wasteland Hop, and the show starts at 9pm.

728Friday at Avo’s is Finders and Youngberg, $12, and the show starts at 8:30pm. Finders and Youngberg is one of the Americana/bluegrass bands that played at New West Fest at the Old Town Square stage. They have lots of energy, talent and great harmonies, and they released a brand new album around the time of New West Fest. This band has been in existence for a while, but have yet to become nationally famous. With any luck whichever songs they are releasing as singles off that album can propel them into fame and fortune along so many other great bluegrassy bands that originated in this area.

GF at New West FestAnd, at Hodi’s Half Note, this Saturday, the Kyle Hollingsworth Band will be playing, with the Grant Farm. I haven’t seen or heard the Kyle Hollingsworth Band yet (though if they can charge $17 at the door, clearly they have a bit of a following here) but I have seen the Grant Farm and they are fantastic. Kyle Hollingsworth is a member of the String Cheese Incident, a band that has been featured on a few songlists on this blog. From what I’ve heard, tickets for this show are going rather fast, so it might be a good idea to buy tickets ahead of time for this one. Tickets are $15 presale (add $5 if you are under 21), and $17/$22(under 21) at the door.

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