In Brief: Ian Cochrane

158This month Avogadro’s Number has its second art show, with lots of brilliantly colored paintings by local artist Ian Cochrane (facebook) gracing the walls of the bar-room. Ian specializes in bright colored geometric art, though his work ranges across a wider spectrum, from semi-realist paintings of dogs to semi-abstract paintings of birds and bicycles, and fully abstract works. A portion of the proceeds from his show at Avogadro’s Number will be donated to help those affected by the floods this fall. Ian Cochrane’s art show will run through January 6th, after which a new artist will be installing work for the 3rd show in this new art show series.

In addition to introducing the new art on the walls this e096vening, Avogadro’s Number hosted two fantastic newer music acts as the live music for the art opening. Lois and the Lantern opened the night, a bluegrassy folk group that also performs every first Friday at Starry Night Cafe in Old Town Fort Collins. Following Lois and the Lantern, Expendable Jerks played a set. These two guys played a mix of original tunes and acoustic rock/pop covers. The Expendable Jerks, I am told, practice 3 times a week, but so far rarely (practically never) play in public. Hopefully they can be persuaded to play a few more sets around town in the coming months.


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