Celtic Thunder 2013: The Adventure Begins

As unlikely as it seemed for a while there, I am just about to head out to the Celtic Thunder concert in Loveland. I bought my tickets back in April, the very first day they were available, two tickets because I can’t drive and there is no bus at night to and from the Budweiser Events Center. Last year I got two different friends with cars to go with me, so that I got to see Celtic Thunder twice (and since the group by the buses was small both nights I got to meet all of the lads except Keith, and got autographs from all the lads except George). This year my sister wanted to go with me, and while she doesn’t drive right now either, she was going to pay for a taxi for us.

Well, as always happens with ‘best laid plans’, this one fell apart. My sister is not going to be back in town till Christmas, and I found out she was not going to be back with too short notice to find a lot of friends interested in going to see a pop Irish band in suits doing a variation on musical theater, especially the week of Thanksgiving. I did find a friend to go with me, though, two days ago, and that night I realized that a) I had memorized the wrong date, and the show was in fact on the 26th, not the 29th, and b) I misplaced my tickets.

All is well that ends well, though. A worried call to the events center’s ticket office fixed the lost tickets problem, and my friend didn’t mind the earlier date. Moral of this story: sometimes it is better to choose the option to pick up your tickets at Will Call, even if that means not holding and petting the tickets and admiring them for months before the show. I knew when I bought these tickets that I had to move in July, and underestimated the chaos of moving; my tickets are somewhere in my new apartment, safely put away where even I won’t find them except by accident.

Celtic Thunder performs at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, at 7:30 tonight. Tickets are still available.


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1 Response to Celtic Thunder 2013: The Adventure Begins

  1. Judith Sullivan says:

    I’m !so glad it worked out for you, it’s an amazing show

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