Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: Nov 3

The List:

1. Petals of Spain (Soul Canon EP)- “I Gotta Know” – There are a lot of great bands in the world, and even just in the Colorado Front Range area, so picking a favorite is a bit tough. Still, these guys are among my top 3 favorite bands in Colorado. I was born too late to see Queen when they sounded like this (and I am not into tribute bands so much) but those of us in the Denver area have the great fortune to enjoy a band that is as good as Queen, but singing their own original songs.

2. Chris Thile (Not All Who Wander Are Lost)– “Riddles in the Dark” 

3. Attic Wolves (Carry Us On)- “True North” – This is actually a religious song, and while I usually try to steer far clear of any religious song that is not a well-established classic folk song, this song is good enough to make its theme less obnoxious, almost unnoticeable in fact. And, if I still have any relatives anxiously hoping to save my soul, perhaps including some well-crafted religious tunes in my songlists might make them happier about my fate after death.

4. Styx (Greatest Hits)- “Renegade” – I really hope there is a band around town that covers this song well, cause I want to sing along to it at a live show.

5. Celtic Thunder (Mythology)- “Rocky Road to Dublin” – 5 days till the show, and I still don’t know if I’ll be able to find someone to go with me. Since I can’t drive, and there is no bus, and I have an extra ticket, I am really hoping I can find someone to go with me, someone with a car, so I can see Celtic Thunder with these tickets I’ve had since April. In the meantime I am doing what I can to figure something out, and otherwise I’m not thinking too much about Celtic Thunder this week. If I wind up missing the show, it will be depressing enough even if I don’t get my hopes up too much in the days leading up to the show.

6. The Bee Gees (Still Waters)- “Alone” – This was the very first album I ever owned on a CD. This song was the reason I wanted the album so much, though I really like the rest of the album too.

7. Carrie Rodriguez (Give Me All You Got)- “Whiskey Runs Thicker Than Blood” – Some days I wonder if my life would be more fun and less lonely if I drank more whiskey while I’m out at shows. I suspect that ‘fun’ might not always be the result if I put this idea into practice, but one of these years….

8. John Prine (John Prine)- “Spanish Pipedream” – This is a song that the bluegrass jammers love to play, and that turns up a lot around town just in general. It always sets me to wondering how much I would hate peaches if I was raised on them.

9. The Irish Rovers (The Unicorn) – “The Orange and the Green” 

10. He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (Nobody Dances in this Town)- “Can’t See the Stars” – This band, and Varlet, and Caravan of Thieves seem to be kindred spirits. I’ve met at least some portion of all 3, and whatever these folks have all been drinking, eating or smoking is highly recommended, in my book. All of these folks make beautiful, unique music and they are all such pleasant people off stage as well.

11. ABBA (The Albums)- “I Have a Dream” – I haven’t added an ABBA song to my lists for a long time, but since I assembled most of this list while sitting in a crowded noisy bar next door to a lively salsa concert, I picked a few songs that I knew I liked without having to hear them again to be sure. This is one of those songs that most people enjoy singing along to, even if they won’t admit to liking ABBA.

12. Cher (Chronicles)- “Just Like Jesse James” – Ditto for this song. I haven’t been to a karaoke show in a long time, but I’m pretty sure this is still a favorite for women to sing on karaoke stages. It may sound like crap still to most of the audience, but even so, it is easy to feel like a superstar singing this song.

13. The Corries (The Comedy Collection)- “La Di Dum” – I can listen to this one 5 times in one night, as I did tonight while putting this post together, and I am still cracking up laughing,especially if I try to sing along. The Corries are definitely on my dream concerts wishlist, and if I had a TARDIS I would make at least one trip to see this band live performing this song.

14. Queen (A Day at the Races)- “You Take My Breath Away” – Since I started the list this week with one of the Petals of Spain songs that always gives me chills and makes me wonder if I put on a Queen song instead by accident, I had to also include a Queen song that has a similar effect on me. A few years ago I went almost a year without listening to Queen, or any other music, something I tend to do when I get depressed. Then one day I was walking along on a blustery day in Boulder, heading to my favorite volunteer job ever (at the CU teaching greenhouse), and this song came on in my new earbud headphones (playing on my shiny new orange ipod nano, which has since died). That was actually the same day I found one of my favorite wool hats, blown up against a fence, but I would not recall the day so clearly if I hadn’t been so awe-struck with this song.

15. The Littlest Birds (Migrations)- “Redwood Waltz” 

16. The Chieftans, Bon Iver (Voice of Ages)- “Down in the Willow Garden” – Bon Iver is such a perfect choice for this creepily pretty song. I still don’t really understand the murderer’s motives in this song; he seems to have murdered the girl just cause he felt like it at the time, a sociopath who sings about his crime and seems to feel no remorse whatsoever.

17. The Airborne Toxic Event (Such Hot Blood)- “Timeless” – I came across this band on a tribute album, and decided to blindly choose another song from them (blindly because I was still in a noisy bar when I selected all these songs). When I got home and could hear the songs I picked I was favorably impressed. This band reminds me a bit of Places, another of my favorite Denver bands.

18. Bronze Radio Return (Up, On & Over)- “Soon As I Fall” – I always fantasize just a little about how cool it would be if bands I met and photographed in concert in our local venues became big stars in the year or so afterwards. If I put a shortlist together of bands I’ve met that might break through to fame and ‘fortune’, this band would be on my list (along with SHEL, a band that really is inching into a national spotlight lately).

19. Depeche Mode (The Best of Depeche Mode Volume 1)– “Walking in My Shoes” – Here’s a song from the first band I ever saw live in concert.

20. Phish (Live Phish: 10/30/10, Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ)– “Possum” – I resisted even hearing Phish when my classmates in high school and college were so enthusiastic about them, partly because I knew if I got too excited about them I would want to go to their live shows just as my friends were doing,and I knew I’d never be able to afford it or convince my Dad to let me take off to see a show in Springs or Denver with a bunch of other high school kids. Well, clearly I missed out on some cool stuff. This is easily my favorite of the songs that crop up at jam sessions around town frequently. Perhaps one might consider “Possum” a gateway song, leading unsuspecting ears to become addicted to the rest of Phish’s songs.

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